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Falling Off A Cliff

Dream a little dream of me.

The Dream within a Dream.



The weekend has been a constant stream of reports of Falls. Firstly an emotional melt down and two reports of nasty physical falls and lastly a dropped cell phone and a cracked screen. Times 2 actually as one of the other falls ended up with a cell phone cracked screen. Not sure what causes the most pain !

And two houses in Hardin County, Tennessee, US fell off a cliff into the Tennessee River.



Following my fall when I broke my humerus bone in my shoulder, the Fall has become a repeat pattern.

In the Kaleidoscope.

This morning I came across a story about the death of Dr Frank Olson, the CIA operative who it is suspected was murdered and thrown to his death from the 13th Floor of the Stadler Hotel, now the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York in 1953

A new book titled ‘The Coldest Warrior’ has been published by his nephew Paul Vidich. Click The Daily Beast. Much of the detail is probably known to readers so I won’t go into that. But the cover for the book is familiar especially with the New York connection.







After reading the story I went out to do my shopping and I passed by the house in front of the Madeira Sandpit where I had my fall. It has now got a name which only showed itself today. It is also the house where the Tardis car is parked. Things ain't what they used to be.

Sandcliff. The writing’s on the wall or something.

See also the Tennessee Cliff collapse.



My other car is a Tardis.



The Sandpit.



One of the other elements would seem to be the abandoned and dilapidated building which I believe is a subconscious symbol from within.

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.




Over the weekend, the big story in the UK was the suicide of the presenter of Love Island, Caroline Flack.



And the tribute at the All Star game to Kobe and Gigi.



In the big picture, I believe what we see is a replay of Original Sin and the pain coming from the imaginary separation from God, whoever or whatever God really is, which manifests as our reality in a continual loop sometimes in very bizarre ways.

I’m hoping we are now in a period of healing the Fall from Grace but it looks like there is only one way through and that’s through the pain and shit.



It Hurts.


Love The One You’re With

The Heart of the Matter.

It’s that wonderful day again – Valentine’s Day. It’s a mine field. For those in relationships, it can be where angels fear to tread and from my own experience of a fair number of lonely Valentine’s Day days when you are single you wonder ‘Where’s my card ?`. My approach was to try and ignore it and not give a fuck. But I did.

Maybe the hardest road less travelled.

Love The One You’re With.



‘Why The Laws of the Universe Explain Everything… Except You’ is the Mindline from the New Scientist.





Surrendering to Love.



The Only Way Is Through.




I notice the pic was taken in the Peak District.



What’s your problem ?



Love Is The Answer.


What Else Is There ?


What Else Is There ?



From Chakra Anatomy.com :

‘The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and it is at the top of the “chakra ladder” which starts from the root chakra that grounds us on the Earth and progresses upward to the Sahasrara which connects us with the universe and the Divine source of creation.

Sahasrara is located at the crown of the head. The gift of this chakra is experiencing unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level.’




WHO Are You ?


Rock Me Gently


It’s Extreme. Extreme fear, hate, guilt, anger, pain, frustration and the rest of it.

The Coronavirus.



Tear It Up.




Storm Ciara.



And in US.




Out Of Asia.

He Li. Dr Healing.

Dr Li Weniliang the Whistle-blower. He was an Eye Doctor ( thanks Elena ).



And for 2020, the Cornea Virus.






The Korona Virus.

Healing the Split.



What is the reason for the mayhem ? It’s Extreme Love in my view.

As further healing for my Fall, yesterday I had surgery to assist in the healing process for the broken Humerus at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill. I had to register at the East Entrance.

I won’t go into all the details but again in hindsight, it seems like an As Above, So Below experience. And what stands out for me was the Extreme Love which came my way. From Jenny and Rebecca and also my ex Claire. And also from the staff of the hospital. It was Extreme Love and it was Free. Thank you so much. And I’m now experiencing Extreme Pain again and there’s nothing I can do but accept it as best I can. And having to accept help which doesn’t always sit well with the Control Freak part of the mind. Your life in their hands.

Post Op.



But away from the Lovey Dovey side of things. For the surgery I was given a General Anaesthetic and then I went off to Never Never Land and I experienced a Lucid Dream. It was as real as anything in this reality. I was in my home town of Reigate and the people and town were totally real. For some reason it was based around Reigate Golf Club.

It’s Windy.



The Windmill is the Church.




What Is Reality ?



And when I came to, it was a state of ‘Where Am I ?’. I had moved to what seemed like a new reality in the hospital and I wondered where the old reality which I had experienced had gone. After about five or ten minutes I readjusted.

But even then the Lucid Dream theme continued. A few weeks ago, Jenny and I watched a Korean movie called Lucid Dream about lucid dreams unsuprisingly. When I was compos mentis, I was moved from the Operating Room to a ward where I lay down on the bed as above and had coffee, biscuits and a ham sandwich. And after about five minutes a Korean male doppelganger nurse from the Lucid Dream movie showed up in this reality to help me. Seemed to be making a point.



The reason for the operation was to put what was described as a ‘Metal Contraption known as The Kit’ in my arm to stabilise the Humerus. And as is my wont, my mind turned to Donnie Darko and shifting realities.

The Artifact. From Wake Up Donnie.com :

“When a Tangent Universe occurs, those living nearest to the Vortex, will find themselves at the epicenter of a dangerous new world.Artifacts provide the first sign that a Tangent Universe has occurred. If an Artifact occurs, the Living will retrieve it with great interest and curiosity. Artifacts are formed from metal, such as an Arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilization, or a Metal Sword from Medieval Europe. Artifacts returned to the Primary Universe are often linked to religious Iconography, as their appearance on Earth seems to defy logical explanation. Divine intervention is deemed the only logical conclusion for the appearance of the Artifact”
– Artifacts as described by The Philosophy Of Time Travel.

Don E and the Spectator.



And 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat.



For what it is worth, my advice is to hold onto your hats in 2020.

Off the scale.


Down To Zero

What Is Reality ? The more we look, the stranger it becomes.



The Universe keeps banging on about The Spectator and the Observer.

Can I Get A Witness ?



Down To Zero.


‘Down to the ground, Down to the ground.
Oh, the heartache you’ll find can
Bring more pain than a blistering sun
But, oh, when you fall — oh, when you fall
Fall at my door’.


Nul points.




One of the things I think it is safe to say, is that regulars and friends and family linked with Merovee and connected sites seem very important to the Universe. Are we the punchline or the puncher ? The mirror or the cause ?

Yesterday Rain from Kazakhstan posted these pics.

The Green Light.





And Down To The Ground. Earlier today Christina Koch touched down in the desert in Kazakhstan after nearly a year aboard ISS.

At the same time, Down to Zero connected with another event for someone else, which I won’t go into details. The shock to the system. There seems to be some sort of Venn Diagram mirror effect going on.



The ‘Fall’ and The Trial of Christine Keeler.

You have to pay.



Nothing Has Been Proved.




And Down to the Ground in US.

Winter Storm Kade 🤠.



‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ keeps coming back from the Universe.



Feeling It ?


Big Time

Well 2020 has definitely hit the ground running. I was watching a video earlier where it said 2020 would be the last recognisable year in the Old Earth. And the little voice tells me that Reality is about to change ‘Big Time’ is the phrase used.



I worry slightly that it will be another turn in the Loop but the signs are 2020 is an important year. I believe our reality and experiences are a reflection of the Mind or releases of energy. Personally over the next few months, I’m in for a period of healing the Fractal break in my shoulder Humerus. Detaching myself from the experience, its fascinating to see how the mirror works.

Healing the Breaks It Divide.



This internal shift is why sometimes the external world doesn’t make any sense at all.

One of the main causes of our dysfunction is linked with Time and I maybe wrong but I’m seeing two main separate Timelines.

I was thinking about the significance of the term ‘Half Time’ show in the Super Bowl in Miami and then came across this article from Goro. Click Super 50. The pic of the 100 over 50 on the Half Way line seemed to speak of the same thing.




Meet Me Half Way.



More signs and portents. A fireball over the UR Al mountains at the end of last week.



And Into Miami.

English footballer David Beckham says his dream is becoming reality. He has created a new football team Inter Miami and taken a franchise with MLS in the US and built a new stadium called Lockhart Stadium. Very pink. Click ‘The Sun’ .

The Dream Team.



And the Wilderness : ’40 Days and Counting. This is becoming more real each day’.






Get The Party Started. IDK.



See You On The Flippity Flop.


Without EU


Reality Shifts.



The Open Universe.



Farewell to EU. Its a His Storic moment.



Brexit : A New Dawn. The Sun Rises.




Jenny has just returned from cruising around the Gulf of Mexico and there is no escape.

Corona Light and Corona Extra.



Past, Present and Future. It’s always Now.



The Lighthouse. In Reigate.



And Kobe Earthquake.



Exit 24.



Turning Japanese in 2020. The Land of the Rising Son.

Kobe, Japan Earthquake in 1995.




On the road to Galveston.




And Pan. The Shift Hits The Pan and the Coronavirus.

It’s a Paindemic. W.H.O. Are EU / We / Me etc ?



The Shift hits the Pan Handle. His Panic in Miami, Florida.

Grabbing the game by the scruff of its neck.




Maybe a Zulu Dawn.



Boldly Going.



Forbidden Colours.




If I’ve got, you’ve got it.