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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.



Every Mother’s Son.

De Winter Son on Christmas Day.





And Manifestation and De Manifestation. I had an interesting Christmas Day morning. I walked up to the local shop and on the way back I saw two joggers running towards me. I blinked and they disappeared into thin air. Nowhere else they could have gone. And shortly after I got home I went for a stroll round the house and then came across this Cordate stone engraving. I have been here since 11/11/2011 – that was the day I moved here – and I can promise you I would have definitely seen it before if it had been there before.

This has happened a fair few times over the last few years. The one incident which blew mine and Jenny’s mind at the same time was when we visited UT in Austin Tx and looking down from the campus the Texas Capitol building suddenly materialised out of thin air. ‘Glitches are memory’.

The Artifact – see Donnie Darko.

Cordate – Wiki :

‘Cordate is an adjective meaning ‘heart-shaped’ and is most typically used for:

Cordate (leaf shape), in plants
Cordate axe, a prehistoric stone tool.’





Pre History.



Let The Sunshine In.




Yabba Dabba Doo. In No Sense is real.



And update to article. A few hours later I came across Event Create Ltd. We’ll see what that means in time I suppose.




Firstly an awesome pic of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction from Jenny.




I hope everyone has a good Christmas break or whatever spiritual path you follow if I don’t post before Christmas Day. Happy holidays. And for atheists and agnostics have a Happy Atheist or Agnostic Holiday.

Humerus ?




I’ve bought myself a Christmas present. The Essene Guide to Quantum Physics from the New Scientist.



And the Double Slit experiment.

‘One experiment , in various iteration, did more than any other to establish that quantum theory’s weird predictions do indeed reflect reality : the infamous double-slit eperiment which sends one two thing two ways at once.’




Over the last nine months or so I’ve been taking a journey into the Quantum world. Even though it is difficult to see and make sense of, for me it is definitely real. One of the conclusions that I’ve come to is that aspects of the quantum realities have been repressed or suppressed in the Self.

And I think it maybe relevant to Christmas as well. The Double Slit theory says that when faced with a choice, the Universe will choose both if faced with a straight right or left, up or down option. Which when it comes to the stable in Bethlehem would suggest that when faced with the choice of a male or female Christ it would choose both.




The Wheel of the Female Christ by Marlo Broekmans. Click Marlo Broekmans.






Daisy Daisy.


Tiers 4 Fears

I suppose it was inevitable.

Tiers 4 Fears in the UK.

It’s a Mad World.





And Limbo possibly as well in the New Year post Brexit.



‘Ha ha said the clown’.




It’s the Hair Apocalypse.



And In Disguise.

Today is the Max de Winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere and Summer solstice in the Southern hemisphere and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.




And interesting numerologically. The closest conjunction includes 1234 on 21/12/2020.

From Forbes.com :

‘What is the ‘Solstice Star?

This refers to the “great conjunction” or “appulse” of Jupiter and Saturn, something that occurs every 20 years, but this year it’s very special. On the evening of Monday, December 21, 2020—the exact date of the December solstice—the two gas giants will align from our point of view on Earth and appear to be just 0.1º from each other.

That’s remarkably close and is something that hasn’t happened since the 17th century. The moment of closest conjunction is at 13:24 Universal Time.’



All Thing Must Pass.




It’s a Sun Moon day today.





YU ?




‘Quantum theory might imply there are an infinite number of Yous out there’.



Two Hearts.




‘Meet Me On The Corner When The Lights Are Coming On’.






La Grande Illusion.




That’s the way God planned it.


The God Gene

‘There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level; everything is one and everything is of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind, once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers…’

Firstly Frank News. Frank is on the move. I’m having to move address. This has been on the cards since August when I came across this and was told I was moving in a more practical way at the same time. This is how this stuff seems to work.



To say it has been a tortuous process doesn’t adequately describe it. It has felt much like a journey into parallel realities. At one point there were about five possibilities and four got shut down one after another until only one was left and even then I was left in limbo for a short period. It felt like I was in shifting sands.

But the property hopefully I will be moving to looks ideal. And following the weird Merovee code, I am moving into The White House. Fingers crossed. I’m not too sure if my anxiety levels could take any more shocks to the system. I see it as an internal spiritual process which manifests in 3D as moving house but at some time it would be good if the movie would change !



And the Booze and Spirit. The VineKing and Home of Frank’s Infamous Gluhwein.



From Wiki :

‘Glühwein (roughly translated as “smouldering-wine”, from the temperature the wine is heated to) is popular in German-speaking countries and in the region of Alsace in France. It is a traditional beverage offered during the Christmas holidays. In Alsace Christmas markets, it is traditionally the only alcoholic beverage served.’



And St Augustine of Hippo has appeared on the Wall. The reason for the mural seems to be a link with Reigate Priory which was originally an Augustinian Catholic order before Henry V111 changed things with the schism from Rome and gave it to a friend. Click Brewery Yard Murals.




From Musings Over A Barrel.com . Over a barrel is a good description.

‘August 28 is the Feast Day of St. Augustine of Hippo, one of the patron Saints of Brewers. Now considered a Doctor of the Church, Augustine led a life of debauchery until, through the ardent prayers of his mother, St. Monica, he converted to Christianity. He died in 430 A.D.

St. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and worldly ambitions. His complete turnaround and conversion has been an inspiration to many who struggle with a particular vice or habit they long to break.’



And there is ‘No Rest For The Wicked’. On the 14th December there is another Solar Eclipse and and on 21st December there is the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction which to me speaks of God and Time.




Over the years there has been much discussion about DNA. Physical DNA, Spiritual DNA and Junk DNA and the rest of it. I take the view ‘We were born together and created as One’ whatever that means exactly which if taken to its logical conclusion means DNA is rather special. And who are parents are. It’s in our DNA.

The God Gene. There is no separation.

Kraken The Code.




And a rave from the grave 🙂 .




It’s All There Is.


The Mists Of Time




Through the Mists of Time.






We’re ‘Going Quantum’ I think.

The Observer Effect.











And a new Star Map of the Milky Way has been published.

From Space.com :

‘As of today (Dec. 3), scientists have 1.8 billion local stars at their fingertips.

That bounty is thanks to the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission, which has spent 6.5 years tracking stars in our Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Using the spacecraft’s observations, scientists can create a precise 3D map of stars and find patterns playing out across the galaxy.’








And the Meaning Of Life, the Universe and Everything.



It’s not rocket science but we forgot.