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No Rest for The wicked


Wrapping up 2020.

#ConnectThe Magic.



Be Prepared . Again !




Keep Watching The Skies and As Above, So Below. Following on from the recent Lunar and Solar eclipses, on 12 / 21 / 2020 or 21 / 12 / 2020 there will be the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. No rest for the wicked.





And ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’. In the movie the destination for Discovery is Jupiter and in the book it is Saturn. With Saturn, the moon was Iapetus and with Jupiter it was Io.




Even though 2020 has been an unimaginably extraordinary, extraordinary year following a string of extraordinary years, it has been further confirmation for me that this reality is an unreal thoughtform reality emanating from belief in guilt and fear and hate and the rest of the subconscious illusion of separation from God and All There Is.



And paradoxes. At times I’ve found that as 3D reality dissipates, the more sparkly does the world become.




And ‘The World in Motion Pictures’. Yesterday a very large construction vehicle passed me by with Terranova on the side – New Earth. And again connects with 2001 and the War on Terra following 9 / 11 / 2001.



Release the Quacken. It’s an abstract thinking game.




Going Beyond Belief.


Love The One You’re With

The Heart of the Matter.

It’s that wonderful day again – Valentine’s Day. It’s a mine field. For those in relationships, it can be where angels fear to tread and from my own experience of a fair number of lonely Valentine’s Day days when you are single you wonder ‘Where’s my card ?`. My approach was to try and ignore it and not give a fuck. But I did.

Maybe the hardest road less travelled.

Love The One You’re With.



‘Why The Laws of the Universe Explain Everything… Except You’ is the Mindline from the New Scientist.





Surrendering to Love.



The Only Way Is Through.




I notice the pic was taken in the Peak District.



What’s your problem ?



Love Is The Answer.


Outside Looking In

What is the sound of one hand clapping ?

Out of a clear blue sky. Yesterday I managed to break my proximal Humerus at the top of my arm after slipping over after walking on wet leaves and I hit concrete. Concrete won. Humerous. The Universe likes its sick joke. And in my preview of 2020 I wrote we would be hitting the ground running in January.

With hindsight, The Joker has been a constant in my life extending back to childhood and I can see both him and her in the experiences of others as well. Sometimes funny, sometimes surreal and at other times not so humerus.




My right arm is in a sling and my hand is on my heart. I’m seeing it as a challenge to use my left hand. Don’t have much of a choice. It hurts.

Left brain and right brain. When two worlds collide. I’m writing this mainly left handed.



Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that many of the buildings and landmarks in our localities are reflections of the internal Self. Maybe everything is. Outside looking in.

Here are some examples in Reigate. And I saw the same phenomena in Texas and elsewhere. When we come across the object or enter the building, we are connecting with the part of the subconscious it relates to.

The Pyramid.







The Windmill Church.




There was a reason for the fall. About a week ago, on a regular walk, I noticed that behind some trees which the wind had blown away were a set of derelict buildings.





My spidey senses started tingling and I did a bit of investigating and discovered they were called the ‘Madeira Sandpit’.

‘The site was originally a sand quarry. I think it was called “Maderia Sandpit”.
Once the quarry was worked out the site was then reused a rubbish tip.’

Madeira Sandpit is adjacent to Madeira Walk.



Two days ago I mentioned Madeira Sandpit to Jen and said the Sands of Time came to mind.

Jen’s reply. Humerus.

‘Be careful where you step. Don’t want you slipping off into the Madeira Sands of Time!!!’



And down I went like a sack of potatoes. It hurt. My boots slipped on the greasy surface.



And the Sands of Time.

Madeira Sandpit is behind the house where I came across the ‘My Other Car Is A Tardis’ car.



Recently this song by Fairport Covention has been speaking to me – ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes’.

The singer of the song is Sandy Denny.



On the Beach. Sandy and Danny in Grease.



And in The Simpsons movie, the Simpsons manage to escape the compound through the sinkhole in the sandpit.



And further down the Madeira River, the capital of the island of Madeira is Funchal. It’s humerus.

There is more than one humerus bone in the body. The other is in the elbow and aka the Funny Bone.



And the Madeira Sandpit.



The Humerus should take about six weeks to heal and to start 2020, it looks like I’m in for a period of Rear Window. Maybe it’s just a movie.



Love is the Answer but Co-Codamol comes a close second for now.

All Things Must Pass.


A Tsunami Of Light


Below is a copy and paste from an article by Celia Fenn. Celia is someone who I’ve read with interest over the years and most of the time is accurate with her timing and prediction.

A Tsunami of Light Is Coming. Click ‘In 5D.com’. In a sense there has been a tsunami of light for some time but Celia Fenn predicts a ramping up of energy which is difficult to believe considering the last few years or so. Also, I believe the energy process to be internal rather than external. Incoming from inside.

‘We are getting ready to receive the most intense and powerful waves of light codes ever on the planet, starting at the 10/10. There will be huge shifts as the incoming waves of light and frequency activate waves of awakening in the next four months.’



And the As Above, So Below mirror indicates it will be connected with sight – 2020 – and the other senses and perception of reality.



Angles and mirrors and radiation. Looking at reality through a new angle. The Tsunami of Light is a single wave.

‘Heading Towards A Tsunami Of Light’. Click Phys.org.



‘Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have proposed a way to create a completely new source of radiation. Ultra-intense light pulses consist of the motion of a single wave and can be described as a tsunami of light. The strong wave can be used to study interactions between matter and light in a unique way.



“This source of radiation lets us look at reality through a new angle—it is like twisting a mirror and discovering something completely different,” says Illia Thiele, a theoretical physicist at Chalmers University of Technology.


And the Tsunami of Light was hinted at, in a memorial celebration I attended on Friday. The humanist ‘compere’ was a lady called Susan Rae. Recommended.

Tsunami of Light – Tsusan Ray. Click ‘LOL : Playing Devil’s Avocado’.



On the pavement in Raygate, two twin flames but in the mirror one flame. A single wave.

In Sight.





We’ll see.


Sound And Vision

The Polarity Coaster.

‘Too hot for heaven. Too cool for hell’.

Too Too – 22.




My mum was a very good cook and she used to make puddings to die for. And when anyone asked ‘Whats for pudding ?’ she would reply it’s ‘A Wait and See Pudding’. Don’t get me onto women and food !

The runes say there is a Change due in 2020.

The See Change and the Change in See.

2020 Vision.




Projection makes perception.



And the little voice. The word of God etc. In a sense I believe in reality there is only place we see and hear.

It talks.



See Changes.



It’s a Wait and See Pudding.