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Catch Me If You Can


Firstly, it’s Trinity’s birthday on 22/3. Getting it in early. Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎈 !



Many of the recent articles may have seen egocentric but I am experiencing some extraordinary things. I think we probably all are and ‘just passing it on’ if similar events happen in your life. You’re not going mad. This is happening.

I titled the last article ‘Out Of Time’ and included a video by Dreamstate Logic titled ‘A Place Outside Of Time’.



Yesterday I think I may have met my younger self and given him some advice. For a time in my previous spell in Nutfield I spent a year or so as a house husband after taking voluntary redundancy from Barclays Bank.

The last couple of times I’ve got onto the bus to Redhill there has been a youngish man probably in his early 30s at the bus stop with his young daughter in a pushchair. This morning I glanced at him and I thought he had a similar build to me when I was about that age even though facially he is different. He was on the same bus back and we got talking and I asked if he was a house husband and he replied Yes. And I told him my tale about being a house husband.

He has taken redundancy as well recently and is now a house husband and I found myself saying to him ‘Don’t worry. Another job will come along. It’s an opportunity to change your life path’. It seemed very much like I was speaking to my younger self when I was a house husband and he seems similar to me in character when I was that age. I’m now trying to remember if I had a similar conversation back in the day !

A reflection through Time.




And when you come to a fork in the road which path should you take ? Or maybe you take both paths at the same time.

At present I’m in a very confusing place with two Energy suppliers – Bulb Energy and Shell Energy.

Firstly Bulb Energy.

Circling back and forwards – 1936.




Bulbs around the Old Oak Tree. ‘I’m coming home. I’ve done my time’.





And then I came across ‘Shell Yeah’. Choices Choices.



And Knock Knock. Who’s there ? I Knock U lation.

I’m totally avoiding the jab. ‘No. Catch Me If You Can’. However this has led to a family difference in point of view. Someone who I love very much has been putting pressure on me to get the jab. The individual concerned loves me very much but believes in the virus and is concerned about my health and that I’m in peril from the disease and I don’t believe in the virus. I haven’t bought into it since Day One. Nor am I buying into the reality of death and impermanence.

Sometimes you just have to say ‘No, Whatever The Cost’ as well as Yes but it is also a difference in seeing the world through the normal 3D eyes and what I see as the real world. I understand the civil liberties angle but I also see it differently to that too. I wouldn’t even consider saying No being a rebel. How do you explain actually why I won’t have the innoculation is because God says there is nothing wrong with me and I believe Illness and Disease are a reflection of the belief that ‘There’s something wrong with me’. So why do I need the jab when there’s nothing wrong with me in the first place ? Dreamstate Logic.

I view this reality as a wish to be separate from God. I wish to be joined with God.



I wish you well.