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Release The Kraken


Release The Kraken.

I think The Kraken is very ancient energy. And East and West again and Down South with Georgia in the US and the country Georgia in the East. Depends on your perspective though where you are.





I won’t go into the convoluted connections but I’m reading this as the Universe talking about three or more Strand DNA and possibly dormant animal DNA. I have my doubts about the nature of physical reality but if the the physical universe was created from a singularity however that manifested, it makes a sort of sense.

And the Monolith has shown up in the UT desert. It’s just a movie. Thanks to Swim.

From Metro.co.uk.

‘A mysterious discovery has been made in the Utah desert over in the United States. A gleaming twelve-foot tall metal monolith with no clear markings was spotted by a wildlife resources workers from a circling helicopter. The crew went in for a closer look and found the metal object had been firmly planted in the dirt. There were no labels on it, or any other information to suggest where it may have come from.’







Humerus ?