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An Unexpected Journey


I’ve had an interesting day. Interesting to me anyway.

First of all I walked into Reigate and perusing the front covers of today’s papers, this jumped out from the front page of the Surrey Mirror.

‘It’s a tall order but will you be able to navigate the sunflower maze ?’



A few hours later, I was talking to a friend about the beautiful Windmill around the corner from here on Wray Common which recently has been given a face lift and paint job.



And she mentioned there was also another Windmill in Reigate which I didn’t know about, at Reigate Heath Golf Club which also had a church connected to it. And that the Golf Club welcomed visitors to the Windmill. And as soon as she said a Windmill and a Church before I knew it I was gone on ‘An Unexpected Journey’.

Reigate Heath Golf Club is situated on Reigate Heath which is a large area of relatively natural woodland.

On my trip to the Windmill I passed a few places which spoke.

Wallfield Park which was gated and locked and looked as if it needed a PIN number to enter.




And The Heath Church which is dedicated to Mary Magdalene.



Also I passed Bonnys Road.



And The White House.



Eventually I reached Reigate Heath Golf Club. & Windmill.




The 18th Hole.



I’ve never been very comfortable at Golf Clubs and Tennis clubs and the like so I had to pluck up a bit of courage to enter the Golf Club. I made my way to the bar and asked the man in charge whether it was OK for me to have a look at the Windmill.

With this he passed me a key and I asked what it was for. He replied that it was for the Church and said ‘Thats why you’ve come isn’t it ?’ He further explained that the church is inside the Windmill with the comment ‘The Windmill is the Church’. And so off I toodled.

The Windmill and Church are fxxking cool. According to Wikipedia, it is only the consecrated church in the world within a Windmill. Click ‘Wiki : Reigate Heath Windmill’.

Firstly I had a look at the exterior of the Windmill.





After finishing with this, I unlocked the padlock and entered the the Windmill Church. Its official title is St Cross Chapel.



All Are Welcome.

This Church is part of the parish of St Mary Magdalene.










And some interesting pictures on the walls.





After about three quarters of an hour, I left the Church and returned the key to the golf club in a slight daze. The man asked ‘Did you like it ?’ and I replied ‘Awesome ! Thank you’.

The Windmill is the Church. That’s what the Man said.




Have we got the Universe the wrong way round ? Most probably in my view.



‘An Unexpected Journey’ to the Windmill Church is further proof for me that our internal reality and external reality are totally connected and probably that it is our internal mind that creates the reality we experience. And that places we visit like the Windmill Church, in this case, are a reflection of internal consciousness. Maybe everything is.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound” ?