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The Rules

Read into it what you will.



Even the Self Police are confused by The Rules.



Which probably makes your job difficult if you like taking orders.



And a new Phoenix has appeared in my garden. The last time a Phoenix showed in the garden, it anticipated the old Merovee going up in flames by a few days and then a couple of days later I launched this version. Please Universe not again.




And further signs for me that we are entering or have entered a multi dimensional age.

‘Lots Of Ways’.







‘Dangerous Hill’ which is how 2020 introduced itself for myself and some others at the beginning of the year.

Not Humerus ! Depends what sort of mood you’re in.

A Slippery Slope.





Them’s The Rules.


Quantum Frontiers

Thanks to Roob.

Don’t ask me how this is going to play out. It’s confusing enough as it is trying to get the head around multi dimensionality and parallel this and that as a theory let alone in practice. With my life over the last few months I can’t say I’m surprised something like this has appeared in the Mindlines. But at the same time I am surprised. Be Prepared.

Quantum Frontiers.


Click to access quantumfrontiers.pdf



Down the Megastream. Click Quantum.gov .

The National Quantum Iniative.





To Boldly Go or Go Boldly.