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The Magic Bus

The Who.



On Friday, I came across the Magic Bus.

Us In A Bus.



And on the same day, Katy Perry released a new single ‘Never Really Over’. I wouldn’t read too much personally into the song. I believe it is working at a level which is difficult to see from this perspective. Personally and from feedback from others, it’s like living in a giant kaleidoscope at present.

Don’t Miss The Bus. The WTFs keep on increasing.



According to a Katy Perry interview, the song is about how the Time River connects. She didn’t use that exact phraseology to be honest.



Yin Yang.



Let It Go.



And Witchy Woman.





ME. A crazy long time ago.



Recently, a French friend told me she had the green light for September.

And Kitty Kallen.



It’s Been A Long, Long Time.