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The Evil Twin

The Cure.



Just a few thoughts.

‘Everything that can happen does happen.’ Or does it ?




Is it just me ?



Welcome to the Mirror Verse.



And Anti Bodies. Achoo.



Thanks to MJ. Anti (S) Particle Wood.



And please understand I know very little about the science of matter and anti matter.

From Infinity Explorers :

‘If we describe the antiparticle, then in simple language it is a mirror image of a particle with the same mass and electric charge. Why are scientists so interested in particles that are just kind of similar and partly different from their originals?

It turned out that the collision of a particle and an antiparticle leads to annihilation – their destruction, and the release of the corresponding energy in the form of other high-energy particles, that is, a small explosion. Motivates to the study of antiparticles and the fact that a substance consisting of antiparticles (antimatter) is not independently formed in nature, according to observations of scientists.’


The Evil Twin.




Does It Matter ?