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Time In A Tree

Thanks to all. This article is pure Sync Fest.

Time in a Tree.

Off the Ritchie Scale.



So You Want To Play With Magic ?



The Ultimate Battle Begins.

‘A single Planeswalker is a force to be reckoned with. An army of Planeswalkers represents enough raw power to reshape a world. Or destroy it.

Here, Planeswalkers from countless worlds have converged for an all out war that will decide the fate of the Multiverse.’



Tree Fellers walked into a bar.



3 Times Square. Call the Fire Brigade. Click ‘Synchronicity and Fire Signs : LOL’.




Born in San Francisco.




Wonder Woman Is Real.



What do you mean We ? What do you mean Me Me ?

366 Vine Cottage.




Vine DNA.



It’s All About You .

The Grape Tree.



And the Duchess of Cambridge and Realty. Forest Bathing is good for you, whatever Forest Bathing maybe. Sounds like a You For Me ism.

Time in a Tree.



And the Wrecking Ball.




If you start now and keep going back to the beginning, it makes sense to me there can be only one Family.

The Hounds of Love.



It’s coming through the Threes.