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Tiers 4 Fears

I suppose it was inevitable.

Tiers 4 Fears in the UK.

It’s a Mad World.





And Limbo possibly as well in the New Year post Brexit.



‘Ha ha said the clown’.




It’s the Hair Apocalypse.



And In Disguise.

Today is the Max de Winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere and Summer solstice in the Southern hemisphere and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.




And interesting numerologically. The closest conjunction includes 1234 on 21/12/2020.

From Forbes.com :

‘What is the ‘Solstice Star?

This refers to the “great conjunction” or “appulse” of Jupiter and Saturn, something that occurs every 20 years, but this year it’s very special. On the evening of Monday, December 21, 2020—the exact date of the December solstice—the two gas giants will align from our point of view on Earth and appear to be just 0.1º from each other.

That’s remarkably close and is something that hasn’t happened since the 17th century. The moment of closest conjunction is at 13:24 Universal Time.’



All Thing Must Pass.




It’s a Sun Moon day today.





YU ?




‘Quantum theory might imply there are an infinite number of Yous out there’.



Two Hearts.




‘Meet Me On The Corner When The Lights Are Coming On’.






La Grande Illusion.




That’s the way God planned it.



Already been in this movie.



The Everyman Cinema in Reigate. Again a surprising name change. The last time I looked it was called The Screen I think.



And Second Lockdown.







Into Mission. The latest Space X mission has docked with the ISS over Idaho.



Right brain Left brain.




You Only Live Twice.



And Dicks In Space.



Or maybe it’s just a comedy.



The Big One Is Coming.



And Carbondale. There’s a Car Clue in there somewhere.

At the Crossroads.




The Projector at the Everyman Sin-ema.

All The World’s A Screen.



All The World’s A Scream.



‘You Were Never Really Here’. You must be Joaquin.






It’s just a Movie.


Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Manderley Again



On Saturday Jenny and I watched the new version of ‘Rebecca’ on Netflix.To say it was a mind fxxk is not an adequate description. We’re really in Fourth Wall territory. In ‘Looking for Atlantis’ I described the link between my Grandfather’s house called Carclew in Cornwall, England and Manderley and believe it to be an ancient memory of some sort. My Father’s mansion has many rooms type of thing. The movie is a total mirror of events at Carclew in the 1930s. And the name ‘Rebecca’ in its own right is a Car Clue.






Again the movie alluded to East and West separation and there was a big thing going on with mirrors. Maxim de Winter and his new wife had their bedroom in the East Wing and the West Wing where Rebecca and de Winter slept was closed and kept in aspic by the creepy housekeeper Mrs Danvers.





And the Birth Day and Car Clue – 801.



Which leads into the Beach House and again water and La Mer which probably speaks to a few.

One of the main action locations in the movie is a Beach House where Rebecca was killed by Maxim de Winter in a suicide by cop type death.



And again the birthday with 801 as I was born On the Beach. If you look into your life you will probably find similar connections.



The Beach House is a common location in movies. Again I would suggest it is a subconscious symbol in the Self connected with the past. In the Fringe episode ‘There Is More Than One Of Everything’, Walter Bishop is led by the Observer to a Beach House.




And also Atonement.





And even though it is a way off and probably a lot to go through between now and then the Dec 14th Eclipse maybe linked with the two timelines. Back in the summer I came across this Mindline. The Big One refers to the 14th December eclipse.



Show Me The Face.




Thanks to Dream and Anon.

Dream noted that the December 14th eclipse is half way between the American eclipse of 2017 and 2024. And Anon supplied the link to this pic.



May you live in interesting times.


The International Loneliness Detective

Please Project Yourself.





Filling The Whole.

‘A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct.’

Don’t call Ghostbusters. Call the International Loneliness Detective.





And her Diamonds.




It’s Inside Out.


The Finish Line

Let It Ripple.




Power to the Purple 💜 .



In the last article ‘Let It Ripple’ I discussed that the Universe was saying that I have been born at least twice and as if in confirmation that There Is More Than One Of Everything, a second River Phoenix has been born. On track.

Two Rivers, Phoenix from the Ashes etc, etc.



And you must be Joaquin. Supposedly for the first few years of his life, the original River Phoenix was known as River Bottom. From Screenrant.com.



And on the Walls of the World.




It’s virtually impossible to tell from our individual life experience but it’s saying to me Time has run both forward and backward in different physical realities. Which is mind boggling to say the least.






The Finish Line.

At the beginning of the year, I broke the Humerus bone in my shoulder in a Fall. I eventually managed to go for my cancelled appointment from March at the Fracture Clinic this morning. And very good news. The fracture is very nearly healed and I am now discharged from the Fracture Clinic.

And also Get Naked. For luck I wore a hoodie and t shirt with Texas as a logo on both of them to the hospital but when I went into X Ray dept I took off the hoodie which I expected. And then the nurse looked at the Texas logo on the t shirt and said that its reflection may effect the machine and asked me to take it off. So I had my X Ray bare chested which didn’t happen with any of my other X Rays.

Here is today’s X Ray pic of the discharged Humerus. I find them fascinating.



From a few days ago.






The Rule Of Six


The Rule Of Six has been introduced over here. It makes it illegal for more than six people to get together and is intended to restrict gatherings. And Mingling is the new buzz word. ‘Absolutely Mingling’.

From BBC News :

‘Families stopping to talk in the street would be in breach of the rule of six restrictions, the home secretary has said.

Priti Patel told the BBC that two families of four stopping for a chat on the way to the park was “absolutely mingling”.

She said she would report her neighbours if they broke the rules.

The rules restrict indoor and outdoor gatherings in England and Scotland, and indoor groups in Wales.’



Thanks to Jenny. There is already a Rule Of Six and this is in connection with movie making. It’s a rule of thumb suggested by movie cutter Walter Murch when editing films. Click Nofilmschool.com.




Yesterday, I took a new neural pathway home and ended up on Furze Hill in Redhill. This is the location of Richard Carrington’s astronomical Observatory on Furze Hill .




Earth Rise.





Richard Carrington is famous in connection with the Carrington Event which was an enormous solar coronal ejection from the Sun in 1859 which dramatically effected the Earth and was named after Carrington.

From Wiki :

‘The September 1859 geomagnetic storm (also known as the Carrington Event) was a powerful geomagnetic storm during solar cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced the largest geomagnetic storm on record on September 1–2, 1859. The associated “white light flare” in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by British astronomers Richard C. Carrington and Richard Hodgson. The storm caused strong auroral displays and wrought havoc with telegraph systems. The now-standard unique IAU identifier for this flare is SOL1859-09-01.

A solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts and damage due to extended outages of the electrical grid. The solar storm of 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth’s orbit without striking the planet, missing by nine days.

Just a few months before the solar maximum on 1860.1, during the 10th solar cycle, many sunspots appeared on the Sun from August 28 to September 2, 1859. Bright and variable sky colors were observed in the evening on August 28 and subsequently reported in various newspapers in the New England area. On August 29, southern auroras were observed as far north as Queensland, Australia. Just before noon on September 1, the English amateur astronomers Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson independently recorded the earliest observations of a solar flare.Carrington and Hodgson compiled independent reports which were published side by side in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, and exhibited their drawings of the event at the November 1859 meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society.’


Redhill Observatory


In a relatively small area in my locality there are a mass of places and buildings and weird names which probably shouldn’t be there if you see the world as a straight forward 3D cause and effect reality.

I would suggest that when I and we and you discover these places, what we are actually doing is opening an area within the subconscious Self which is reflected in the external reality. Other examples are the Pyramid in the grounds of Reigate castle and the Windmill church. It’s a topsy turvy world.





And Tunnel of Light.




So what is the Observer ? Many spiritual teachings suggest it is the the detached part of the Higher Self which observes the individual ‘I Am’ as it goes through the motions of life. I had an Observer experience for many years and is still there at times. I experienced a large spiritual opening at the end of the 1990s and one of the side effects was that for many years a lot of the time I was the detached Observer observing myself. It was peculiar but illuminating.

I would observe my thoughts and actions which at times wasn’t very pleasant as I saw the less palatable parts of my Self but also the more palatable side. I think it was also protective as there was so much extreme anxiety, pain and anger and the rest of it and I was detached from that as well. In hindsight I don’t think I could have functioned without being detached and the Observer Effect allowed me to go into these areas at a pace I could cope with. Just about. It was tough to say the least.



I also think we are the projector and the reflector. Our hidden emotional belief system is projected but also it is reflected back at us.

From Ram Dass 🙂 :

‘The witness is actually another level of consciousness. The witness coexists alongside your normal consciousness as another layer of awareness, as the part of you that is awakening. Humans have this unique ability to be in two states of consciousness at once. Witnessing yourself is like directing the beam of a flashlight back at itself. In any experience — sensory, emotional, or conceptual — there’s the experience, the sensory or emotional or thought data, and there’s your awareness of it. That’s the witness, the awareness, and you can cultivate that awareness in the garden of your being.

The witness is your awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Witnessing is like waking up in the morning and then looking in the mirror and noticing yourself — not judging or criticising, just neutrally observing the quality of being awake. That process of stepping back takes you out of being submerged in your experiences and thoughts and sensory input and into self-awareness.’



And as ‘coindydink’ would have it but ‘coincidence’ left the building a long time ago, earlier today I was meant to have a bone scan in connection with my fractured shoulder humerus from earlier in the year. When I got to the hospital I was told the scanner blew up yesterday and the appointment would be rearranged. But normal weird stuff with the visit.

Firstly the Showmen of Fairacres. I maybe doing them a disservice but I doubt if the Showmen of Fairacres truly exist.



And Focus Rigging & Scaffolding. Media Industry Specialists.



The scanner was in the Green Zone and again as I walked down the corridor it turned into the Paris bridge scene in Inception when Ariadne creates the mirror reality. Dreamstate.




And on the way back – Waiting For A Train. The message is on a loop. It’s a dream, illusion, hallucination, whatever.



And just a quick intro to the next part. When I say ‘It Is’ that is my opinion but again I think ‘It Is’.

From the Green Zone to the Comfort Zone. This reality is full of comfort zones. Money, work, war, sex and drugs and rock n roll, food, news and media are a few examples that spring to mind. The list is endless. Even personal relationships can be comfort zones. I see these as surface comfort zones if you like. In themselves they are entirely neutral but the importance lies in what we use them for. Beneath them are the big comfort zones of I Am, our emotional belief system of guilt, fear and anger etc and also this reality. In itself this 3D birth to death reality is a comfort zone.

What is the purpose and who or what do we believe threatens us at the deepest level ? In short I believe God, the Universe and Everything. This is the No God zone but at present beneath the froth we are rejoining with God, the Universe and Everything. And God gets a bad press. You are always safe.




Waking Up.


Dreamstate Logic

Further down the Tunnel.



Dreamstate Logic and ‘Reflections of Reality’.



“The final receptor completing an observation must be something real, existing beyond physical quanta, capable of receiving and properly organizing the distinct impressions of form and structure relayed by the effects of the quanta of matter and energy that we perceive as existing in an objective physical world. Since the interpretation of form and structure as information with meaning is a function of the conscious observer, this something must be closely related to, if not the very substance of consciousness itself.

Every observation is an instance of reality, primary consciousness, observing itself. It is the completion of a self-referential loop. Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the non local space of consciousness.

Without matter, consciousness has no reflection. All consciousness exists from one source…”


Waiting For a Train.




Precedents and His Story. Waiting for a train.

From History.com : The Assassination of President James A Garfield.

On the morning of July 2, 1881, James A. Garfield arrived at the Baltimore and Potomac train station for a much-needed holiday. Just four months had passed since the former Union general and Ohio congressman had been sworn in as the nation’s 20th president, but his term had already gotten off to a rocky start. He had clashed with Republican power brokers over patronage appointments to his administration, and had endured a brush with tragedy after his wife contracted a near-fatal case of malaria. With the first lady now on the mend, Garfield was eager to escape the sweltering capital for a summer trip to New England, where he planned to give a speech at his alma mater, Williams College. Along with his two teenaged sons and Secretary of State James G. Blaine, he had left the White House and taken a carriage ride to the station entrance near the National Mall. Like most presidents up to that point, he was not accompanied by bodyguards or a security detail.

As Garfield’s carriage pulled up outside the Baltimore and Potomac, Charles Guiteau paced the waiting room inside, ready to fulfill what he believed was a mission from God. For weeks, the 39-year-old had stalked the president across Washington, patiently waiting for a chance to gun him down. Family members and acquaintances had long suspected that Guiteau was insane, but he had planned the crime with chilling precision. He had conducted target practice with an ivory-handled .44 caliber pistol—specially purchased because Guiteau thought it would look nice in a museum one day—and had even tried to take a tour of the district jail, which he assumed would be his new home after he was arrested. In his pocket Guiteau carried a letter addressed to the White House. “The president’s tragic death was a sad necessity,” it read, “but it will unite the Republican Party and save the Republic. Life is a fleeting dream, and it matters little when one goes.”








“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”.





And just another example how nuts some of this is and the neural pathway. I took the pics of the tunnel and train earlier this morning and sent Jenny the pics. Jenny was listening to a YT stream by Jordan Maxwell.

‘And was just listening to a new Jordan Maxwell interview and he had two quotes in a row…

~ the first one reminded me of Ascension and balloons “Your mind is like a parachute – it doesn’t work if it’s not open”.

~and directly after that, he said “If you see a light at the end of the tunnel, a Train is coming.”

At 54:37 .






Don’t need no ticket.


Khaos Theory

I know I sometimes sound like a stuck record but the Universe talks. What’s it saying though ? And questions arise in my mind such as if I am meant to see the ‘messages’ is what I see really there or purely a communication device. And then expands to what about the rest of it and people and buildings ?

It’s Khaos.



Life, the Universe and Everything.

Life’s Big Bang.






From ‘Inception’. Goro Adachi sees the Monolith from ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’ as well. Click ‘Supertorch Ritual.com‘. I suspect it’s the same message. It’s just a movie.



And a few clicks brought me into normal Merovee territory. Whom R Us ? A gentleman called Paul Franklin was responsible for the special effects in ‘Inception’. Click ‘Art Of VFX.com’.



And you read it here first. A New Online Event is coming.

‘New Online Event : The End Of The Universe’.

And the Birth Day. I notice ‘The End Of The Universe’ is 13th August 2020 which is Rain’s birthday.

How’s It Going To End ?





Embrace the Ocean .