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The first time ever I saw your face.

The first image of ‘spooky action at a distance’ has been released.



From BBC News :

‘Scientists have captured the first ever image of a phenomenon which Albert Einstein once described as “spooky action at a distance”.

The photo shows a strong form of quantum entanglement, where two particles interact and share their physical states for an instant.

It occurs no matter how great the distance between the particles is.

The connection is known as Bell entanglement and underpins the field of quantum mechanics.

Einstein described quantum mechanics as “spooky” because of the instantaneousness of the apparent remote interaction between two entangled particles.’



And ‘She’s Gone’.

The actress who played Violet Beauregarde, Denise Nickerson, in Willy Wonka has died. Her family posted a short message on Facebook – She’s Gone . Which seems to tie in with a few other supposedly unrelated stories.









Wheels within Wheels.



A Perfect Circle

Crop Circles speak.

Below is a video of a recent crop circle at Farley Mount, Hants, England.



Look Familiar.

Photo 51.

The first picture of you.



From Wiki :

‘Photo 51 is the nickname given to an X-ray diffraction image of crystallized DNA taken by Raymond Gosling in May 1952, working as a PhD student under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin, at King’s College London in Sir John Randall’s group. It was critical evidence in identifying the structure of DNA.

Photo 51 became a crucial data source that led to the development of the DNA model and confirmed the prior postulated double helical structure of DNA.’





And a few hours after I viewed the video, I came across this home made cushion cover.





Sometimes, it feels like it’s a different language. Probably because it is.

How Our Minds Create Time.



Does Language shape the flow of time ?



And does size matter ?

From New Scientist :

The Time Paradox: How your brain creates the fourth dimension.

‘We all feel the passing of time, but nothing in physics suggests it is a fundamental property of the universe. So where does our sense of time’s flow come from?

Some time ago, students at the University of Tennessee were handed an unusual assignment. Imagine yourself as a Lilliputian, they were told, as they stared at a miniature model of their communal lounge, complete with furniture and figurines. The students were asked to put themselves in the little people’s shoes, relaxing on the tiny chairs with minuscule cups of coffee. Then they had to say when they felt 30 minutes had passed.

For the notionally shrunken students, time flew. Their estimates fell well short of clock time. Even more curiously, the acceleration in their felt time was proportional to the scale of the model lounges in which they were immersed.’


In the movie ‘Arrival’, Louise Banks has to literally learn an alien language as humans and the alien heptapods attempt to communicate.

And by learning their language, her concept of Time is altered as the heptapods experience Time in a non linear way and she finds herself joining with their Mind and being able to experience Time in the same way.

I believe it is entirely feasible that something similar is happening. And that by learning the language, our reality is altered as well.




Talk Talk.



A Perfect Circle.


Just Bee

‘And just Bee what you’ll Bee’.



We’re going through something ! I see the earthquakes, volcanoes, sudden fires etc as a manifestation of extreme energy within consciousness.

And we go through it in our own lives as well. My current ‘manifestation’ is connected with extreme pollen sensitivity and sin us it is. But such is life, even this seems to link into something deeper.

In my research into Pollen, this gentleman jumped out – Dr William Frankland ( Allergist ).

Click Wikipedia :



Dr Bill Frankland is the reason for the pollen count.

‘Frankland was keen to provide patients he saw in London with information about pollens, such as the levels of pollen on any given day, and the times of year when levels would tend to be at their highest. St. Mary’s Hospital employed a botanist to assist with collecting this information, and to complement the work on pollen counts already being measured in Cardiff. Weekly London pollen counts were sent to members of the British Allergy Society from 1953 and shared publicly, through daily news outlets, from 1963.’



And William Frankland attended St Bees school.



Vibrating Bees following the second 7.1 earthquake in California.



Over the years, the ‘Bomb’ as in nuclear bomb has kept repeating in the Mindlines. And I think the Pollen Bomb is a mirror or reflection of this. I don’t fully understand it to be honest with you. First there was a Hard UK Rain for a couple of weeks and then the pollen Fall Out followed this.

This also links in with William Frankland. He owes his life to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which ended WW2.

From BMA.org.uk :

‘After qualifying as a doctor in 1938, Dr Frankland served with the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Second World War, spending three and a half years as a prisoner of war held by the Japanese in Singapore.

He says the atom bombs that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved his life, as machine gun posts had been installed opposite his camp’s parade ground only days before.

‘The Emperor had stated that if the Americans landed in Japan, all prisoners of war – 120,000 of them – would be shot,’ he adds.’


Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.



Dr Bill – Eyes Wide Shut.



On Saturday, Jen and I watched ‘The Dark Tower’ which has an alternate dimension Mid World and has experienced some sort of catastrophe. Again, it implies nuclear disaster as ‘The Gunslinger’ in this reality at a hospital examination is diagnosed as having chronic radiation sickness.




Chernobyl Theme Park in Pripyat, Ukraine.






Much of this I don’t think we are going to consciously understand apart from knowing that it all somehow connects. I think the sheer scale of it is too much for our mind to handle but my view is that we are releasing old, old stuff in the collective mind / heart. And on the other hand, there does seem to be a part of us that knows exactly what it is doing.

And in connection with The Gunslinger from the Dark Tower.



My aim is true.


Moulin Rouge

Saturday is Elena’s birthday. Happy Birthday Elena !

Some people check the astrological sign of birthdays but I like to check the song sign. The Number 1 song in their country when they were born.

If my maths is correct the Number 1 in the US at the time of Elena’s birth was ‘The Song From Moulin Rouge’ aka ‘Where Is Your Heart’ by Percy Faith and his orchestra.





Call the Fire Brigade.

Stromboli, Italy.

From Mirror.co.uk :

‘Another tourist said the blast was “like a nuke going off”, with many people forced to run for their lives to safety’.



Spirit is on fire.

A Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky catches fire in Versailles filled with 45000 barrels of Bourbon.



On a slight tangent, the French Royal Family.




And the Bourbons.



From Wiki:

‘The House of Bourbon (English: /ˈbʊərbən/, also UK: /ˈbɔːrbɒn/; French: [buʁbɔ̃]; Spanish: Borbón) is a European royal house of French origin, a branch of the Capetian dynasty. Bourbon kings first ruled France and Navarre in the 16th century. By the 18th century, members of the Spanish Bourbon dynasty held thrones in Spain, Naples, Sicily, and Parma. Spain and Luxembourg currently have monarchs of the House of Bourbon.’


And the Russian submarine.



Also a plane crash at Addison Airport, Dallas, Texas at 9:11 on 30/6.



And there’s something wrong with the North Pole. It has been going seriously haywire for 18 years which goes back to 2001.



And currently heading for Siberia.



Topsy Turvy Land and Stranger Things.

‘The LEGO’s Group adventure into the world of Stranger Things will turn everything you thought you knew about Lego on its head.’





Like a Wheel within a Wheel.


True Detective


The signs around me are saying we have moved. What that means is anyone’s guess but reality is extraordinarily strange now.




‘Brand New Location. Previously Up The Road.’



Over the last few days I’ve been getting an urge to write about True Detective. In short it’s a Top Ten Listverse of my favourite True Detective alternative reality movies and TV shows. And a book. Actually a Top 11 as I forgot ‘The X Files’ in the original publication.

I’m intrigued with the interaction of consciousness and probably more accurately subconsciousness and movies and TV shows. True Detective would seem to be an archetype of some sort. Even in the mainstream movies and TV, the True Detective is a constant – Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Columbo, Kojak, Jim Rockford, Cagney and Lacey, Miss Marple, Jane Tennison etc.

Yesterday, I came across this article written by a Dream expert concerning ‘The OA’ TV series who sees Dreamland as an alternative reality and I’m seeing the movies and TV shows more and more in the same light.

Click Psychology Today.com.

And this section from the article jumped out at me :

‘With the team from “The OA” I never felt even a whisper of this sentiment. On the contrary, they totally get it. They get it that dreams are portals to other dimensions of ourselves and the cosmos. They get it that artists have a special power to open people’s minds and expand their sense of what’s possible. They get it that this reality, the world in which we are living right now, is in desperate need of reconnecting via dreams and other altered states of consciousness with existential truths we’ve always known but have somehow lost, or had taken away from us.’





Nico Lacarte / Inspector Leyra is a detective who dies as a boy in one reality but is saved by time travelling weirdness and then criss crosses different realities and grows up to be a detective. And is connected by ‘Interdimensional’ Time storms.


10: THE OA – Karim Washington.

In series 2 of the OA, Karim Washington was introduced into the show. He is a San Francisco private detective who innocently wishing to help, finds himself bewilderingly being dragged further and further into OZ where nothing is exactly what it seems. And ends up in a strange place beyond a strange place.



9: DARK CITY – Inspector Frank Bumstead.

In Dark City, Inspector Frank Bumstead when investigating a series of murders discovers that the reality in which he exists is a false reality created by ‘Archon’ types known as ‘The Strangers’ who manipulate reality for their own purposes.




8 : BLADE RUNNER – Rick Deckard.

In a dystopian future, Rick Deckard is an ex Los Angeles police officer who is forced back into his previous job as a Blade Runner where he would track down and kill bioengineered individuals known as ‘Replicants’.



7 : TWIN PEAKS – Agent Cooper.

FBI Agent Dale Cooper is sent to the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of a high school student, Laura Palmer.

And finds himself being drawn into a whirlpool reality and a strange community of people and events.



6 : THE MEN IN BLACK – Agent J and Agent K.

Agent J and Agent K are agents of a secret organisation MiB that monitors and police alien activity on Earth. The title is taken from a name given to mysterious individuals who legend says turned up after people had alien contact and deter them from speaking out.



5 : TRUE DETECTIVE – Various.

I haven’t watched many of the episodes so I don’t profess to be an expert on the show but it would seem churlish to leave out True Detective from a True Detective list.

I’m not sure whether it is a true alternative reality but there are enough metaphysical undertones for it to be included.




4: THE X FILES- Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate the weirder cases sent to the FBI. The series goes over a wide area of esoteric weirdness but over time its main focus became the Alien question.




3 : LIFE ON MARS / ASHES TO ASHES – Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler and Alex Drake.

Both TV series are set in alternative reality Police stations run by DCI Gene Hunt. Sam Tyler and Alex Drake are police officers who suddenly find themselves back in time in the new police station. And both are confused and bewildered and attempt to work out exactly what is happening. And again weird and wonderful things happen.

At the end of Ashes to Ashes, it is revealed that the police station is a form of Limbo or Bardo and has been created for police officers who have died violently and its purpose is to allow the individuals come to this realisation and move on to wherever they move onto.

Both series have a strong David Bowie link and are named after two of his songs.



2 : FRINGE – Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop.

Fringe was one of the first shows that got me really thinking about the Silver Screen as a portal and a tool to open up or go deeper into consciousness. I binge watched it a few months before the MH370 crash and subsequent events indicated that it had been part of the process before MH370 for me.

Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop are members of the ‘Fringe’ division of the FBI which investigated the unexplainable. And over the series they encountered the Observers, alternate timelines, parallel universes, nasty viruses and explored different themes such as the effects of drugs on consciousness. And a load more as well.





For me, it is the original book rather than the TV series. I bought the first book probably about 1990 long before I was interested in the themes the book touches on.

The Holistic Detective Agency, written by Douglas Adams, was set up by Dirk Gently as a private detective agency. But he uses syncromystic detective techniques to investigate the cases which mainly seem to involve searching for lost cats. Until he finds himself dealing with Prof Chronotis, an Electric Monk, time travel and an alien ghost who wanted to reverse time.
It’s wonderful.

“Thumping good detective-ghost-horror-who dunnit-time travel-romantic-musical-comedy-epic”.

There’s a sequel ‘The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul’ which is well worth reading as well.




That’s the scores on the doors for my True Detective list. There are a few others I could have included. And I recommend them all.

I suspect there is more to the True Detective than just an interesting character in a movie.

And there is more to movies than just movies. They do more than just make you think I believe.


Brain Storm

Since Saturday evening, I have been experiencing something which I can only describe as a Brain Storm. If I went to a doctor, the doctor would say it was a severe allergic reaction to pollen. On another level I believe it is something else as not only are there physical symptoms, I found myself in deep emotional waters as well.

And even this fits with the Kaleidoscope / Mirror in a bizarre way. Possibly all illness has the same cause.

SINusitis. It’s an Allergy.



And there is probably a connection with the Summer Solstice as well.






Welcome to the Mirror Verse. And a few personal examples. I’m sure if you examine your life, you will find the same. And also gives an insight into how some of this works.

The Magic Mask and Mystery Jigsaw and Rainbow Magic. Wear Flowers in your Hair.



Thanks to M for the song.

Francis Magalona and the Kaleidoscope World.



And Madonna has requested a meeting with Pope Francis.




It’s Brexit or CATastrophe.



The CATholic Church and Tiffany Trump.



Reveal very soon.