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Higher Ground

I hope everyone has a good Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever.

Higher Ground and Inner Visions.



Ka Boom.

That’s Solstice.



Crashing and burning.

Freight train derails into Potomac on way to Maryland in US.

Harper’s Ferry.



And thanks to Roob. Harper’s Ferry has two Bridges. There’s more than One of Everything or something.



And 69 car chain reaction crash on I64 in Virginia, US



‘Not much left’ of Balmoral in Oz.



Three buses engulfed in flames at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.



And Surrey tornado in England.





Damned Illuminati !

‘Please excuse our outside. It’s work in progress.

Love Luminis xx’.



Shine On.


There Is More Than One Of Everything

It’s that time of year again. Very soon it will be New Year’s Eve 2020.



And ‘There Is More Than One of Everything’. Or is there ? ‘It’s a Paradox’ comes to mind.

The Two Popes.

Francis and Benedict.




And following the edict ‘Look Within’. I suspect this sort of thing is applicable to everyone. We can’t see the whole picture and it is very misty at times. I would also add I believe this reality is set up to stop us seeing the full picture.

Sometimes you have certain experiences when you feel something more is going on than you can see. Jen and my trip down into Austin, Texas would seem to be one of those days.

Francis and Ben at Jo’s Coffee with more than significant others.

Hindsight is 2020 and Upon Reflection.



And the Capitol building in Austin.




The Capitol in Washington D.C.



And the Vatican.



The Upper and Lower Houses.



Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.



And the Windmill is the Church.




The spiral in Austin.




‘Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel.

Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel’.


Cozy Little Christmas

It’s that time of the year again.



It’s Cold.




After yesterday’s election result on 12/12 in the UK, it looks like we are going ahead with Brexit.



And Chaos Theory. Descending into disorder.




It’s difficult to see through the fog but I think two original timelines are converging. We’ve discussed this before but I think the Greenwich and Paris timelines are ‘sinking’. Whatever that means exactly.

Every picture tells a story.



‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ by Leonardo da Vinci.

There is more than One of Everything.

The Paris version.


Paris version


And the London version.


London version


And Race is not always to the swift.





‘Rachel, who is Jewish, has campaigned over social media to keep Labour out of Downing Street over the antisemitism scandal that’s blighted the party.

She urged fans not to vote for Labour, and the 33-year-old telly star took to Twitter after the exit poll was announced to declare: “Love you Britain.”


Miss Universe 2019 : Zozibini Tunzi.




Brilliant A Cross the Board.



Say Cheese. Hindsight is 2020.


The Carbon Footprint

Soular Power.



2001 : A Space Odyssey.



And Lucy.

The Carbon Footprint.





And did Kubrick leave clues about the Moon landing in 2001 or whatever he was alluding to ?

It’s a Man in a Suit.




There is No Time like the Present.



According to Lucy, without Time there is no matter.



And does it matter ?



Both Sides Now.


Who Is Number ‘-1’ ?


Maybe it was inevitable the question is asked. Who Is Number 1 ? Or is it ‘Number Minus 1’ and if so Who Is Number +1 ?

Adam is working to find out definitively who is Number ‘- 1’ .



From New York Times :

‘The report detailed a game of phone tag between the -1 phone number and Mr. Giuliani on Aug. 8. That same week, Mr. Giuliani was vigorously pressing State Department officials to persuade President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into the Biden family and whether Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election.

Mr. Giuliani missed calls from -1 on Aug. 8 to two of his cellphones. Mr. Giuliani then called the White House switchboard and the White House Situation Room, before connecting with -1.

Circumstantial evidence shows that some of the -1 calls involved Mr. Trump, Mr. Schiff said, adding that his committee was working “to find out definitively.”



And Us Man was responsible for the London Bridge attack last Friday.



I Am I Said.



I think we are being warmed up.




You Are Number ‘-6’.


Turning Japanese


From feedback and observations, people are going through a tough period. I know it varies with individuals but two common emotional states I’ve noticed have been high anxiety and a deep sense of separation. Going deep.

Over the last few weeks, Jenny and me have been going Japanese. At present it’s as clear as mud but would seem to be connected with the Japan Olympics and 2020. Hindsight is 2020, etc.

Before I left Texas, Jen and I visited a Japanese restaurant on the last night of my visit. Very enjoyable.

And over the weekend, we watched a good movie called ‘Earthquake Bird’ which was set in Japan. The main character is titled Lucy Fly. One of the main themes of the film was cameras and the Observer. Japan 2020.

Ex Machina.



On my way into town earlier, a Japanese ( I think) lady walked past me and in Sainsbury’s this cover jumped out.

Go 2020.



And Monocle and the Observer.



Over the weekend, Pope Francis visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

‘Never Again War’.




What’s So Funny ?



Diamonds and Multi Faceted. The many faces.

The Green Vault.



And Breakfast at Tiffany’s.



Diamonds can connect. Quantum entanglement and the Observer and Diamonds. Spooky action at a distance.

From Futurism.com :



‘Researchers have teleported quantum information across cities and even into space.

Now, a team from Japan’s Yokohama National University has managed something no one has ever done before. They teleported quantum information within a diamond — an achievement that could shape how we share and store sensitive information in the future.

The sci-fi version of “teleportation” typically involves taking some thing in one place and instantly having it show up in another. Quantum teleportation is a little different as it involves taking information from one place and recreating it in another.

This is possible thanks to quantum entanglement, the strange connection that can exist between particles.’



Time Diamonds.




Shine On.


The Horn

Yesterday, I got a shock. In my experience Herb Albert has always been Herb Albert. Herb Albert is a Trumpeter and singer who was famous in the 1960s and 70s.



After I watched a You Tube video I glanced at random suggestions below and it showed ‘This Guy’s In Love With You’ by Herb Alpert. I thought this cannot be happening. He is Herb Albert and not Herb Alpert and never ever ever has been.

I googled Herb Alpert and he showed as Herb Alpert but this is where it got even stranger. As I looked at the wiki page this is how it read.

‘Herb Alpert (born March 31, 1935) is an American jazz musician most associated with the group variously known as Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass, Herb Albert’s Tijuana Brass, or TJB.’

It showed Herb Alpert as his name but the band’s name as ‘Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’ and I thought that explains it. I blinked and looked again and it showed Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. And still does today.

‘Herb Alpert (born March 31, 1935) is an American jazz musician most associated with the group variously known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, or TJB.’

Herb Albert changed to Herb Alpert in front of my eyes. Subtle shifts in reality or parallel realities or moving timelines. And whose reality changes and the Observer Effect. And converging realities but which one is chosen ? Who knows.

Project Human Angel.



The Trumpet in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.



And at present a Unicorn meteor shower is in the night sky. Click Science Alert.






Time Crystals

A new state of Matter – Time Crystals.



I have no idea about the science behind Time Crystals but believe they are a reflection of ‘As above, so below’. In short as consciousness expands, then science in the world of matter reflects this.

‘Exotic new states of matter contain patterns that repeat like clockwork.’



Who Are We ?



Wiki – Time Crystal :

‘A time crystal or space-time crystal is a structure that repeats in time, as well as in space. Normal three-dimensional crystals have a repeating pattern in space, but remain unchanged as time passes. Time crystals repeat themselves in time as well, leading the crystal to change from moment to moment. A time crystal never reaches thermal equilibrium, as it is a type of non-equilibrium matter, a form of matter proposed in 2012, and first observed in 2017. This state of matter cannot be isolated from its environment[citation needed]—it is an open system in non-equilibrium.

The idea of a time crystal was first described by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek in 2012. Later work developed a more precise definition for time crystals. It was proven that they cannot exist in equilibrium. Then, in 2014 Krzysztof Sacha predicted the behaviour of discrete time crystals in a periodically-driven many-body system. and in 2016, Norman Yao et al. proposed a different way to create time crystals in spin systems. From there, Christopher Monroe and Mikhail Lukin independently confirmed this in their labs. Both experiments were published in Nature in 2017.




In the original Merovee I wrote an article about building a Time Machine. How to create a Time Crystal.



And Time Crystals are for real. Click Forbes.com




And Crystalline DNA. Click Healing Energy Tools.com :

‘You may have heard it said that we’re shifting from carbon-based beings to crystalline-based beings. Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s more to our DNA than we have thought or that science has thus far been able to discover; that what we were told were the junk parts of our DNA are being reactivated. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about Pineal Activations and similar things.
These concepts are all very real, and even our physical sciences are beginning to be aware of them. It all has to do with the light energy that’s penetrating us, our world, and everything on it, easing us into the new world and a new way of being. So you could say that it isn’t just Nova Earth we’re building, it’s Nova Human as well.’




Time Crystals by Clocked Out.



And this gave me a chuckle.

United Colours of Benetton.



In the Sky with Diamonds.