When Two Worlds Collide

‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.

I’m a bit lost for words at present. The energy is off the scale. Just a quick glimpse into what’s going around my mind. It’s definitely In no sense.

The Hounds Of Love are here.

It’s in the trees.



And elementary.

The waters are lapping at the feet of Buddha in China.




And virtually all of California is on fire it looks like.



And Trees. As I write this I’ve just been speaking to someone who said they live in Oakfield Drive.



When Two Worlds Collide.

A theory by Neil Turok hypothesises there are two Universes. The one which science explains to us but also there maybe an Anti Universe that was also created at the beginning.





Look Within.

The universe likes to give clues and then we have to work out what it means. Looking through the pics of the house where I was born there is a large mirror in this pic. To me it speaks of at least two timelines, two worlds or mirror or parallel realities.

Inside the Mirror Verse.




Who Are You ? ? You Are Who.


You Only Live Twice

This maybe a bit predictable now but seems appropriate.

Feline It ? Pure energy.








And ‘You Only Live Twice’.



In the last article Happy Birthday I talked about my two different birth certificates. And yesterday, I came across another anomaly with my birth. I checked out the house where I was born – ‘Gateways’ – which is on the birth certificate and it is now ‘Sandhills’. Again, there maybe a rational reason ( or the normal description of rational ) such as simply a change of name but I think not.




The Sands of Time.



Along with a host of other strange and weird things from my past that don’t quite add up, its looking like I have at least two pasts. And I would be surprised if the same process didn’t apply to others. A personal Mandela Effect. For the sake of argument, I will say I have two pasts. So what is going on ?

The first theory is that there are two separate timelines. At the time of birth, I split in two and the two Mes carried on their way in separate realities without knowledge of each other and experiencing our different experiences.

My second theory is some form of mirror or kaleidoscopic Universe and we have mirror experiences which reflect and refract.

And a third theory is that my mind is aware of the the different Mes but to give a ‘rational’ explanation, it combines the two lives and so I have experienced two lives which merge with each other but only one past or memory is held in the mind. Or maybe the mind chooses what it wants to remember. And maybe a collective past is somehow involved as well.

There are probably other theories in a similar vein to Sliding Doors but I think in order to make sense of the present reality the theories have to be taken seriously when out of the blue, life suddenly takes a different path to what was anticipated.

From the ending to ‘Another Earth’.




Be Prepared.


Happy Birthday


Firstly, there are very extreme energies in the ether at present. FWIW, I’m taking the course of accepting the energies and letting it go wherever it goes as best I can.

And another example of ‘Stranger Things’ with the new Democratic choice as Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, if Joe Biden wins the US election later in the year.



Wrestling with demons.

A few days earlier on 9th August prior to the announcement of Kamala Harris as the choice of VP in the election race, WWE wrestler James Kamala Harris died.



9th August was the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. And another wrestler famous in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s – Kendo Nagasaki. And the Mask and Big Daddy.



Mein Kampf.



Recently, I’ve been examining my past and childhood. It is possible that I’ve had two childhoods and maybe two lives. Maybe more. The most likely scenario and explanation to me was that my memories are a mix of the two childhoods. And I would be surprised if this didn’t apply to others as well. ‘Tell me about your weird childhood’.

Yesterday, someone suggested I examine my Birth Certificate. I lost my original birth certificate probably sometime in the 2000s, probably around 2006 when I first noticed that it had gone. A few years later, I need a birth certificate for something or other. And so I applied for a new certificate in 2009 and a new certificate was sent to me.

Here is a copy of the birth certificate d/d 22/10/2009.



In 2018, I applied for a passport and as part of the process I included my birth certificate in the application. A while later I received a letter saying the copy I sent wasn’t adequate as Identity as it didn’t have a proper watermark, frank or seal. The copy I sent was the form I received from Folkestone council.

I then had to apply again and this time a Certificate adequate for the passport was sent to me.

Below is the certificate sent to me in 2018. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on with it anyway . It is dated 911/2018, and is numbered code 404 and also I was born in a house called Gateways but that’s not the main point of this article. It could be there is a good reason for the anomalies between the two certificates but a quick Google about UK birth certificates suggests both copies should be the same.



When I dug out my birth certificate to have a look at it yesterday I compared the two documents and there are differences which I cannot explain.

Firstly the numbering. One copy shows the number 404 as type written and the second as hand written.

Next in Section 4, my father’s surname is in lower case in 2009 doc but is in capitals in the 2018 doc. In Section 5, the same process can be seen with my mother’s name.

And in Section 7 my father’s name has changed. In the 2009 doc he signed it as stated. In 2018 doc he has not signed it and his initials have changed from DC to GE Tremayne it looks like but in the handwriting of whoever wrote the document. In Section 8, 1960 is written totally by hand in one doc and in the other 19 is already included and 60 has been added by hand.

I’m no expert on Birth certificates and the process so maybe duplicates were made but the handwriting and where it is placed in the docs look identical.

It’s very Peter Bishopish from Fringe and the Walternate Universe. See also ‘Dark City’ movie. And looking for a Peter Bishop pic I came across this image – ‘The Answers Are The Question’.



There’s more than one of everything.



We seem to be coming to a point where metaphysical theory such as alternate timelines and the Mandela Effect and all the rest maybe becoming fact or at the least very possible. As things stand it is difficult to have incontrovertible proof for much of this but personal experience is showing reality is very different to how it actually shows itself.

I also noticed in the birth certificate that my father’s occupation is listed as Quarry Manager. And The Beatles were originally known as The Quarrymen.



The Long and Winding Road.


The Tunnel And The Light

It will be Rain’s birthday on 13th August. Getting it in early.

Happy Birthday 🙂 .

‘Across Endless Dimensions’.



The End of the Universe as we know it !




It’s creating something new. Reflections and refractions.




It’s Time.

On 6th August 2020, President Trump issued an Executive Order banning TikTok – White House.gov. If an American buyer is not found or other arrangements are made TikTok will be banned after 45 days. And 6th August was the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The time that it’s always been.



And Greenwich and Sirius Dogging Days.




New Cycle Parking.




It’s getting very weird around here !



But there is good news. The Light at the End of the Tunnel showed up yesterday afternoon.



About fxxking time !


Khaos Theory

I know I sometimes sound like a stuck record but the Universe talks. What’s it saying though ? And questions arise in my mind such as if I am meant to see the ‘messages’ is what I see really there or purely a communication device. And then expands to what about the rest of it and people and buildings ?

It’s Khaos.



Life, the Universe and Everything.

Life’s Big Bang.






From ‘Inception’. Goro Adachi sees the Monolith from ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’ as well. Click ‘Supertorch Ritual.com‘. I suspect it’s the same message. It’s just a movie.



And a few clicks brought me into normal Merovee territory. Whom R Us ? A gentleman called Paul Franklin was responsible for the special effects in ‘Inception’. Click ‘Art Of VFX.com’.



And you read it here first. A New Online Event is coming.

‘New Online Event : The End Of The Universe’.

And the Birth Day. I notice ‘The End Of The Universe’ is 13th August 2020 which is Rain’s birthday.

How’s It Going To End ?





Embrace the Ocean .


Castle In The Sky

Firstly some Leonine energy for 8/8 Lions Gate.







And the Tree of Life crop circle in Potterne. Thanks to Anon.





Recently, Jenny and myself decided to get down with the kids and watch a Japanese Anime movie called ‘Castle In the Sky’. I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful film and again the Tree is central to the plot. Some may wonder why I emphasise movies so much. Because the more movies you watch, you realise that many of the movies are talking about Us and You and Me and can be portals in their own way. Which is weird !





The movie has opened up something in me and I’m seeing buildings in a new light. As an example here are pics of the Bishop’s Palace in Galveston and the Court House in Dallas opposite Dealey Plaza, both in Texas, USA which I now see as Castles in the Sky. Don’t ask me what that means at the moment but it follows on from the Congress building in Austin, Texas suddenly materialising out of thin air and seeing my local Mall as a Time Machine / Space Ship. And if you are having similar experiences you are not going mad. Probably ! 🙂





And what we don’t remember ? My birthday was last Saturday and I went for a birthday lunch with my brother and his wife and my daughter. The subject of my birth came up. My brother can remember it very clearly. He and my other brother were sent to stay with friends for the evening but he can remember sneaking back the next morning and letting himself into the house where we lived and there I was. He can remember my birth but I can’t.

We see the births of others but not our own, at a conscious level and I suspect we may forget our deaths as well if past lives exist. Others may remember the deaths of others but does the individual who dies ? Or maybe it’s like the scene in ‘Inception’ where Dom Cobb says to Ariadne that you never remember the beginning of the dream but it seems to start halfway through. Just pondering out aloud.

This is an extraordinary time. FWIW my advice is not to get hung too much on ‘Survival’ issues such as work and money. Easier said than done I understand but that’s how the programming works. This isn’t about jobs or money even though we still have to play the game for a period. Hopefully not for too much longer.

I’m publishing this on 6/8 which is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb in 1945. Recently lots of Japanese links have been showing up. I’m not sure why at the moment but it seems to be connected with West and East whatever that is in the Mind I think. And the NEWS and the Media. The Masonic temple layout seems to hint at this with the altar but very few masons seem to have any idea what’s going on with their rituals.



That’s the time that it’s always been.


Tik Tok


WHO says there is no Silver Bullet. Who says ?

Fangs for the memory.




Reflections in the mirror.



For Whom The Bell Tolls.

In the Weird or Wotan mirror Trump announces the end of Tik Tok in US.



And the App All fire in California. It’s wild fire.



On Saturday I went to The Bell in Godstone for a birthday meal.

Ding Dong.




Some time ago I wrote that I saw 2020 in three waves. The first wave from the beginning of the year and the second wave from 25/5 up to 8/8 and the Lions Gate. Bang on queue the 25/5 coincided with the death of George Floyd and I anticipate the third wave will begin after going through the Lions Gate portal on 8/8 and then I think it will get seriously, seriously weird up to the end of 2020. If you can imagine anything weirder than at present.

And this magnificent Lion showed up for me at the end of last week.



Tik Tok.


Every Picture Tells A Story

The old saying goes ‘If you stare into the abyss, it will stare back at you’.

Top boffins say this is exactly what happens. My immediate question when reading the headline was does the Black Hole have a saying ‘If you stare at Earth, it will stare back at you’? And is now pondering what it means and freaking out at the thought.

And smile. You’re on camera.

‘How black holes are filming the entire history of the Universe.’




And ‘I’ve already been in this movie’.





A Cure For Wellness. Keep drinking the water.



Rise Up.

And the Peak District.



Mineral Wells. Its Crazy Town.



Do you know what’s real ?

‘Coherence’. It starts with a comet.




It is a trip into a surreal landscape painted by Salvador Dali. Yesterday, I visited the local barber for a haircut. I was having a problem with the mask falling off. It doesn’t fit around the ears very well. And the lady said she was OK with me without the mask and then she donned a riot gear mask. First time I’ve had a haircut by someone wearing a riot gear mask. Not surprisingly.

Facial Recognition.



And Foxy. This time I didn’t follow the White Rabbit but followed the Fox. Furry Friends and Back To Nature has been highlighted recently.

Also because the fox was very beautiful. Smile you’re on camera.





Today’s flower.



And quote of the day.



It’s the Freakiest Show.



‘But the film is a saddening bore
For she’s lived it ten times or more’.

And who is the Director ?


God’s Door

It’s a ‘Weird Or Wotan’ mirror. Tell me about it.

‘From A Humorous Point Of View’ .

Sometimes difficult to see the joke though !



And one hell of a ride.



God’s Door.




In Japanese, Kobe means God Door.

Looking East.



And the Key-to Kamojinja shrine in Kyoto. This is bit of a ‘Welcome to the Program’ type video but worth the trip I think.



Two drifters off to see the world.



Hold Hands.



Remember DNA ? Is You Tube just a memory bank for songs you’ve forgotten ?



Its been an interesting week shopping wise. On Monday when I went to a local store, I gestured to the security girl outside wearing the yellow jacket whether it was OK to go in and she nodded at me but said ‘Be very cautious’. And I thought ‘What? Where did that come from all of a sudden after four months.’ And ten minutes later I thought of the ideal answer ‘I’m always very courteous’ but too late.

Yesterday, the ‘rule’ making face masks mandatory in shops in the UK was introduced. If I believed in all this, I would be asking ‘Why Now ? Too little, too late’. The numbers say the curve has virtually been flattened here so why now. But I don’t believe in all this, so it’s a slightly irrelevant question for me. Click LOL.

I had hoped not to wear a mask but yesterday I found myself ‘In Sainsburys’ grocery store wearing a camouflage mask. As I donned the mask, I got the feeling I was entering the Chernobyl or Fukushima No Go Zone and the Heart of In Sainsbury’s. It certainly feels like the heart of madness.

I thought I would take a pic of myself In Sainsbury’s wearing the camouflage mask and send to Jenny which I did. When I returned home I looked at the pic again.

Every picture tells a story and what the naked eye can’t see.




And it’s creating something new.



On the way back this passed me by.

DNA. Its a big truck.



Earlier this week a new 50p coin in the UK was introduced in honour of Rosalind Franklin’s 100th birthday.



Photograph 51.



The Day Everything Changed.

In ‘Annihilation’ it was the alien wot done it and I’m going out on a limb here and say that I think that sometime soon we will have alien contact but I believe it will be different to how we imagine. Not sure how it will show itself. What I’ve picked up is that ET is actually multi dimensional ‘Us’. It’s all us.



Arrival is a stupendous movie. Alien contact is a big part of the plot but the main theme is about Time and Memory.



I mentioned a few articles ago about my theory that I had actually had two childhoods. One over here in England and one in Texas and that my memories are a mind jumble of the two. The more I’ve thought about it, the more possible it seems.

And what happens with the jumbled memory is that the 3D rational mind arranges memory to fit the programme and so I have just one memory timeline but the two memory timelines weave in and out of each other and the mind creates one distinct memory. And what is happening is that as similar to DNA cross species and flora and fauna merging in Annihilation, Time DNA can also do the same. Also if ET does appear, we may actually be experiencing a memory. Everything maybe a memory.

When you’ve worked it out !