Full Circle





Going Full Circle and the Leap of Faith at the Sandman.



I find if I stop and look some interesting things jump out.

911 and the Francis Frith Collection – Reigate High St, 1911 and the past. And what jumps out for me in the pic is the Clocktower in the background.



And yesterday, Henry V111 and his Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace popped up.

Henry V111 had an Astronomical Clock. That’s what she said !




And resembles the Large Hard-on Collider at CERN.



I’ve also been contemplating how the M25 circular motorway which runs around London is similar to the LHC. A vast number of cars whizz round it in both directions and every so often they crash into each other.



And the rings of Saturn.




A Prisoner of the Past.



Rip It Up


The Doomsday Clock is frozen at 11:58. It’s still two minutes to the Apocalypse.

End Times.



And the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Sun Trust Bank in the State of Sunshine.

Click Twilight Language.



Gear Up For No Deal Brexit.



The Shutdown.



‘Dave. My mind is going’.



The ‘Extreme Light Infrastructure’ is turned on.

The Space Between Us.



It’s time to rip nothingness apart and see what is inside.



From New Scientist.com :

‘To expose virtual particles, to transform them into something tangible, takes one serious laser. But that is exactly what physicists are putting the finishing touches to in Romania. Switched on for the first time a few months ago, this machine could not only reveal the truth about empty space, but also teach us about another big mystery: dark energy, the unknown entity accelerating the expansion of the cosmos. It is time to rip nothingness apart and see what is inside.’

The Extreme Light Infrastructure.


From Wiki :

‘The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) is a new Research Infrastructure (RI) of pan-European interest and part of the European ESFRI Roadmap. It is a laser facility that aims to host the most intense beamline system worldwide, develop new interdisciplinary research opportunities with light from these lasers and secondary radiation derived from them, and make them available to an international scientific user community. It will be the world’s biggest and first international user facility in beamline and laser research.’



It came out of a clear blue sky.



Shine On.



What an actress.



Franke Says Relax. You’re in a good place.




Super Trump.




Inception. And Projection and the threatened cells.




Tom Hardy. I know someone who really likes Tom Hardy. That’s what she said.



And the Duchess of Cambridge.

‘It’s SO hard’.



Let’s Do This Together.

Kamala Harris.



The President’s Club.




My Immortal.


In Search Of The Lost Corrs


Firstly, Happy Birthday to M for Moonday. M’s birthday falls on the same day – 21/1/19 – as the Lunar Eclipse in Leo. And tonight, there is a Super Blood Wolf Full Moon. It’s a Super Blood Lion Wolf Lunar Eclipse Moon.

The Super Blood Wolf Full Moon.

It’s coming through the trees.






At a micro level, the Dream is collapsing for me. By that I mean the subtle or not so subtle dream like nature of the present reality. It’s Wonderland every day.

As an example. Franke and Key Mex.

From my walk into town earlier today. Not sure if I ever got to good.

‘But For Franke Being Just Good Is Not Good Enough’.



Franke is a coffee machine manufacturer. And the machine is sold in Key Mex which is the centre of Euronics.




Key Mex is next to Domino’s. And is down from Wagamama.

Wagamama has the Power.




Domino and Eyes Wide Shut.



And Joie de Vivre.



At one level, my world is totally different to what the picture shows. How far does it go and I wonder how far the Universe is going with this. Do the shops exist. And the people inside them ?

At a macro level, the world still turns. I could buy the Franke coffee machine and take it home with me and I’m sure it would make a good cup of coffee. If I walk in front of a truck which has a ‘sign’ on it, it’s going to hurt. And the system of Money Matters and the lack of freedom that comes with it still rolls on. And the rest of it.

I’m agog wondering what will happen to the Macro world if the Border is crossed, if you like. How will reality manifest itself ?

And thanks to Rain. Sioux Falls.



And MJ. Trump wanted to build a wall in 1958. I doubt if the ‘That’s Weird’ box is working any more. It won’t stay shut.



And the Lost Cause.



Just Be Cores. Something along those lines.


The Birds

Earlier today, ‘The Birds’ appeared above ‘The Sun’ public house in Redhill.

Keep Watching The Skies.



And yesterday, there was a big Sun again.



Prince Fillip was ‘Blinded by the Light’.



And 20/21st Jan there is a Super Blood Moon Wolf Lunar Eclipse. Something like that. Click ‘Blade and Chalice : Looney Eclipse In Leo’.



The Fear of Annihilation.



The Killing Moon.



What is it that is causing all the confusion and mayhem ?



Feeling It ?


The Hunger Games


Chaos Theory.




From Wiki :

‘Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. “Chaos” is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, self-organization, and reliance on programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a hurricane in Texas.’


‘Sorry. We’re Closed’.



And Brexit.




The Hunger Games.

Let Them Eat Cake. Or Hamberders. Or even Hamborders.




No Food. No Channel Tunnel.



And running ‘Out of Time’.




Wear some flowers in your hair.



Going off on a slightly different angle to normal.

Today, I went into Redhill to do my shopping and I came across ‘I Am Coffee’. Je Suis Coffee. A ray of light on a cold, grey, January day in England.

I don’t want to drag an innocent into the maelstrom that is Merovee, but the name Coffee is a wordplay on Coffee’s name, Kofi and he is of Nigerian descent.



‘I Am Coffee’ is highly recommended.

Click Coffee Music.

What A Wonderful World.





And The Observer again.

Bird Box.




Fibre Optic Flower Power. And the Spectrum.



Peak Time.



Hidden In Plain Sight. IDK.


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