Listen to what the Man said. Or don’t. Your choice.





The Original Angle.



It gives you Wings.



Touching The Sun


Thanks to all.

In this game, I’ve had to leave any belief system that I may have once had behind me.

Cystic FibroSis. Harriet Corr says Thank Yous.

And don’t forget the flowers in your hair.

The Star Child.



From Rain.



The Corona.


‘NASA has plunged its Parker Solar Probe into the Sun’s fiery corona in a historic attempt to shed light on our nearest star, the US space agency has revealed.’


Destiny, Retro and the Sands of Time.

Where it all began.




And Adam and Real Gardens. What that means I’m looking forward to finding out.



The OA and the 5 Movements.

In French, Five = Cinq. They are the Sync Movements.






And All in your Inner Space, Boy’.

Going back to the start.

It’s Cold.



ET popped in for a chat yesterday.

Old Blue Eyes.



The Adams Family. Radial and Oz are reunited. Whatever that means if anything.




A few days ago, MJ sent me her Fortune Cookie which I included in the last article.

‘You will soon discover a higher truth’



And Believe It Or Not.

Yesterday, a Jenga box suddenly appeared in front of me which read ‘There Is Only One Jenga’. Or Genga. Or Gender. This is how the Universe seems to have its fun. Unfortunately by the time I had composed myself the box had gone. You will have to do with this pic.

It’s Bricks It Time. Which in English slang means Crap Your Pants Time.







You are Everything and Everything is You.



Something like that.


Adam Slept


Today is April 1st. It’s April Fools Day.



And a message from your sponsor. Thanks MJ.



‘And the Lord God caused a great sleep to fall upon Adam’.

Over the last week, Jenny and I have been binging on the new series of The OA on Netflix.

To say it is Sin Key doesn’t do it justice. I’ve discovered over the years that if you feel that a film, or TV show or book or song is speaking to you personally, the reason is because it is. And The OA speaks.

As one example of the sinkiness from many. On our Saturday viewing, The OA included a giant telepathic Octopus with eight long arms. 🐙. Hands everywhere. The episode was set in San Francisco.



And overnight there was an incident just outside The Church of 8 Wheels roller skating rink in San Francisco and close to Alamo Park.




Holy Rollers.

And the punchline – OA Sis and Roll With It.



One of the sub plots in The OA involves a mad scientist who sets up an experiment to record the dreams of many individuals over a long period of time and compare and study the dreams.



Over time, it is noticed that within the dreams of the individuals there are three recurring ‘symbols’ that keep repeating for all the subjects. They are a pyramid, a tunnel and a spiral staircase.

I mentioned to Jenny during the week that in Reigate, I have the pyramid and tunnel but couldn’t place the spiral staircase.





Yesterday I went into Reigate to do my shopping and there was the spiral staircase. It had been there all the time but hadn’t registered.






We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.



The First Date .



The Tribe That Rewrote His Story.



And Cat E.



The Prism.



Kat E




ME a crazy long time ago … and the Dark Horse.

The Purrfect Storm.



It’s Animal.


Maybe I’m A Mazed

Maybe I’m Amazed.



From a week or so ago, Prepare to be Amazed.



Come In.



‘Are you ready to travel through another dimension ?’

Be Prepared.

Do Do Do.



And ‘Maybe I’m A Mazed’. And maybe we’re A Mazed.

The Infinity Hall of Mirrors.



From the first scene in the second episode of ‘The OA’ Part 2 which is a total mind what’s it.

Port of San Francisco.



And Deer Park and the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.




When you are having coffee with your daughter and for about ten seconds she transmogrifies into Brit Marling, you know you are in a strange place.

And the moral of the story.



We’re A Mazing.


The Eden Project


Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Back in August 2000, I went on a family holiday to Cornwall, England. On one of the days, I went to see over the Eden Project which was under construction. Day after my birthday I remember.

We could only see over as the actual site was off limits but we managed to have a good look at the plan.




Recently, Tar Mac Adam appeared outside my house.



Over the weekend, MJ and M visited the Misty Mountains in North Carolina. And they ended up Mount Mitchell and Down the Yellow Brick Road 🤔.

As part of the trip, they visited the town of Franklin. Which was full of incredibly synchy WTF pics but for the purposes of this article, the one that really jumped out at me was ‘A Project of the Franklin Garden Club’.




If you go to the Franklin Garden Club wear some flowers in your hair.



At the same time MJ was emailing me with her pics from Franklin, Jenny had to make a mercy dash in her car on behalf of a friend to the Harry S MEthodist Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.



Harry S Truman.



And the day before I had bought a Harry Potter birthday present for my daughter.

From The Source.



Story cut short. We seem to be on the same journey. Not far. From the Mind to the Heart.

And on Monday, it was reported that a plane had somehow redirected itself from its original destination of Dusseldorf, Germany and ended up in Eden Burgh, Scotland.



And Hugo included a gif from LOST in the comments with regards to the Edinburgh story. ‘Where Are We’ ? Good question. In my view, we have never gone anywhere but have just imagined we have. A trip from Now Here to Now Here.



I understand everyone’s frustration at times with this only too well. But reality is collapsing for some of us and I am left with such questions as does The Eden Project, the town of Franklin and the hospital in Fort Worth truly exist.

And everything else ‘Out There’. Especially the NEWS in the MEdia. If God is infinite can anything exist outside of God.

God Is Within.



I think the point of acceptance of the True Man and True Woman may have been reached. In many ways, it’s easier to accept the nastier projections and reflections which confirm the view of ourself as guilty, and no good and worthless. It’s probably more difficult to accept the divine and eternal Self and I would say the game is rigged so we don’t even suspect it and when we do begin to understand, booby traps and inner resistance and outer resistance from others appear which can trip us up.



And Bee Prepared. Killer Hornets are on their way.



And Relax. Not again.

A Maine Hospital.




Wake up and smell the roses. Or is it coffee ?


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