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Merry Quantum Christmas to everyone.

I’m Dreaming.



Source Code.



In the Beginning.



Anak Krakatau. The Ring of Fire.




And Tau. The Star from the East.




From Wiki :

In ancient times, tau was used as a symbol for life or resurrection, whereas the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, theta, was considered the symbol of death.

In Biblical times, the taw was put on men to distinguish those who lamented sin, although newer versions of the Bible have replaced the ancient term taw with mark (Ezekiel 9:4) or signature (Job 31:35).

The symbolism of the cross was connected not only to the letter chi but also to tau, the equivalent of the last letter in the Phoenician and Old Hebrew alphabets, and which was originally cruciform in shape; see Cross of Tau

An essay written around 160 AD, attributed to Lucian, a mock legal prosecution called The Consonants at Law – Sigma vs. Tau, in the Court of the Seven Vowels, contains a reference to the cross attribution. Sigma petitions the court to sentence Tau to death by crucifixion, saying:

Men weep, and bewail their lot, and curse Cadmus with many curses for introducing Tau into the family of letters; they say it was his body that tyrants took for a model, his shape that they imitated, when they set up structures on which men are crucified. Stauros (cross) the vile engine is called, and it derives its vile name from him. Now, with all these crimes upon him, does he not deserve death, nay, many deaths? For my part I know none bad enough but that supplied by his own shape — that shape which he gave to the gibbet named stauros after him by men

Tau is usually considered as the symbol of Franciscan orders due to St. Francis’ love for it, symbol of the redemption and of the Cross. Almost all Franciscan churches have painted a tau with two crossing arms, both with stigmata, the one of Jesus and the other of Francis; usually members of the Secular Franciscan Order wear a wooden τ in a string with three knots around the neck.’


Anak Krakatau translates as Child of Krakatau.

And the latest Banksy from Port Talbot, Wales.



And Smile. You’re on camera.




My Immortal.




A Cross the Universe. ‘I am your Mother, your Daughter, your Sister’. And your girlfriend 🙂 .



Attack Of The Drones

Thunderbirds Are Go. It’s in Supermarionation.



Anyway, Droning On.

Gatwick Airport in Sussex, England has cancelled all flights in and out of the airport as it has been targeted in an Attack of the Drones.





The Drone Code.




And from my MeRoving correspondent at Gatwick earlier this morning.




Today – 20/12/2018 – the British Heart Foundation has opened in Redhill.



And ‘NOW is Launched’. There is a new housing development in Redhill – ‘The Picture House’ – which is being developed by FDL, short for Foundations Development Ltd whose HQ is Foundation House. ‘I was Lost but now I’m a Foundation’.

And we are all out there. In association with Rainier Developments.





The Picture House with Danielle.



And Sisters. Elizabeth v Mary.



Who’s Afraid of the Multiverse. Don’t Look Now.

How to live a Quantum Life and make the Multiverse work for you. And not you work for the Universe.



The Universe Splitter and Geneva.



Multiplying You’s.



‘You have split innumerable times in reading this article faster than thought itself’.



I’ll stop droning on. For Now.



Have yourself a very Quantum Christmas.


All Along The Watchtower

This article won’t make a lot of sense. It doesn’t much to me apart from a vague understanding of the Twilight Language.

And interested to see what happens.

The Watch Tower.



A Magic Number Rules The Universe



1694. The Currency.



Crossing the road.

Tilling Down Lane. Click Francis Frith.



God makes no deals. Total In No Sense .


Today Is Tomorrow

Firstly, today’s date is 15/12/2018. Happy ISIS 2018 day.



To be Frank, I would like to go into this in more depth but understand about privacy and personal feelings.

Christina Perri : A Thousand Years.

The Cullens’.



And the Tremonds in Twin Peaks.



Sir Francis Drake


The Tethys Ocean.



The Kirk of Mary.



And Others.

Jesus Christ ! What’s real, can’t die.

Adam’s Family.

I believe the Son of God is waking up. And the Daughter of God. Or maybe it’s just Adam that needs to wake up.



Keep watching the skies.

The DNA Spiral.



And the Rainbow. From yesterday.

First, a Rainbow in the clouds in Texas.



And a Rainbow flare in Tennessee.



The Rain Bow pics came ‘From Jenny Sis and Gen E Sis’.

From Jenny Sis and Genesis :

‘I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”


I keep being told the date has changed.

Today is Tomorrow.




2020 vision. It’s an Emerging See.



Welcome to a New Age of Humanity.




The Light House is creating something new.



Frank Grimes’ sister. She’s dirty.



The Sub Domain and Lilith. The deleted seens / scenes.




And in the bizarre way the Universe speaks to me, it’s saying we have fast forwarded one year to December 2019 and 2020 vision is nearly upon us.

The New Site.

Blink and Time.




To me, it feels like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe – 1618 Main Street.




For Those In Peril On The See.



The ANC is trying the solve Original Seen.

According to the Ankhor, Original Sin was Colonisation.





You only have to forgive once.


The Hanging Tree

I’m told I live in Wonderland which I would agree with but I don’t seem to be the only one !

The Hanging Tree featuring Jennifer Lawrence from ‘The Hunger Games : Mocking Jay’.



Redhill Rd near the Georgia Guidestones.



And Suspenders.



‘And She Lived Happily After’.



Child murderer Ian Huntley wants suspenders for Christmas, and a sex change according to The Star. He is incarcerated at HMP Frankland.

‘Ian Huntley ‘demands sex change to start new life as Nicola in women’s prison.’



Yesterday, Jenny and the ladies who lunch 🙂 went to The Zodiac at 1618 Main Street, Level 6, Dallas, Texas, 75201. It’s a Neiman Marcus eatery.



1.618 = Golden Ratio.



And opposite the Zodiac.




The Crystal Palace is in Dallas.



And the Wheel of Astrology. What is Wheel ?




It’s about Time. What year are we in ? In her last article on Blade and Chalice, MJ wrote she was writing the article on Sunday 22nd December. There isn’t a Sunday 22nd December in 2018 but there is in 2019.

‘M and I went to the local observatory here in Chattanooga tonight, which is Sunday, Dec. 22.’

And in a few weeks, it is New Year’s Eve but in Reigate it is New Year’s Eve 2019. Very advance tickets.



On Friday, I was told Blade was Marvel’s first action hero on screen.



And MJ came across ‘Project Colonise’ the Merarus Galaxy.





I wouldn’t worry about it. All the best people are.


What Next ?


The Spectator asks ‘What Next’ ?



Change has lifted off to the Dark Side of the Moon.



Unlocking the secret to Mona Lisa’s smile ?



And the Zodiac.



Something’s coming. Again.

Frank the Tremor analyst 🤔.



An earthquake which could cause TOTAL destruction is forecasted for the next few days, according to one self-proclaimed tremor analyst.

Earth will become positioned between Venus and Uranus and the gravitational tug from each planet could cause a potentially civilisation ending earthquake. This is according to ‘New-age earthquake forecasting’ website Ditrianum, run by researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, who said an earthquake which is almost a magnitude NINE on the richter scale will hit. The gravitational pull of the celestial bodies either side of our planet could pull on Earth’s tectonic plates, according to the prediction.’


Time will tell.


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