Rabbit Rabbit

May the Thirst be with you. 15 just IS.

Rabbit Rabbit.





For May Day, the Google Doodle is Ruth Asawa. Click Wiki : Ruth Asawa.



‘Ruth Aiko Asawa was an American sculptor. Asawa’s work is in the collections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Fifteen of her wire sculptures are on permanent display in the tower of San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.’


Faces On A Wall.




In Transit.





Criss Crossing.


Toy Story


Just following the White Rabbit.

This morning I walked passed the van in the pic.

Tom Jelley. Oh and Wife.

Firstly, it may give an indication into the nature of ‘God’ and the kids. Husband and Wife and Son and Daughter.



Secondly, the logo jumped out with regards to my detour into Lilliput Village.

The hand holding a miniature house. The whole world in the hands.



This follows on from the final episode of The OA titled Overview when Karim looked down upon a film set with miniature models of his life and the series.



When I watched the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, I got the impression I was watching a papier mache toy cathedral on fire. But if I go to Paris I will probably find a full size burned out Notre Dame cathedral.



And the Model. The actress who will be playing Princess Diana in The Crown on Netflix is Emma Corrin who went to a local school, Woldingham College.

According to the Surrey Mirror she was a Model Surrey pupil.



The Grid.

The coordinates for Woldingham are 51.2 and 0 degrees. The Prime Meridian.



There was a huge storm yesterday on the 51.2 coordinate line yesterday in Oral, Kazakhstan.













Mirage or Durante La Tormenta and different timelines caused by a storm. Click The Review Geek.

‘The story begins on November 9th 1989 with a 12-year-old boy practicing the guitar, recording himself on the TV. As a freak 72 hour storm closes in, Nico witnesses a horrific crime across the street and, as he runs outside to take a closer look, ends up being hit by a car. Fast forward to November 9th 2014 and Vera and her family look forward to spending their life together in the same house Nico once lived in. As the strange 72 hour storm begins again, Vera finds out more about the boy and somehow manages to communicate with him through the television via the old tapes he recorded.

From here, the story really picks up as Vera warns Nico away from veering outside and subsequently saves him from his fated death. When Vera awakens the next day she finds herself in a parallel universe where her life has been turned upside down and what she once knew, now a distant memory – including her daughter.’



And Toy Story. On Friday, one of the first items that turned up was the White Rabbit.



And then shortly afterwards a strange man stared at me in a strange way and pointed to a corner of the room and said Golliwog. I replied ‘Pardon’ and he said Golliwog again and I said there is no Golliwog there. He repeated Golliwog twice more.

He then pointed at the same corner and said Captain Invincible about three times. I then pointed to myself and I said I am Captain Invincible which I repeated.

He was being cared for and his day out I think. He had a strange stary face but the second time I said I was Captain Invincible, his face turned into a huge smile and his face looked completely normal. It was as if he found what I said was so funny that the mask dropped for a few seconds.

Looking Good.



Trump says the Border is like Disneyland now.





And last night there was a fire in Winnie the Pooh wood in Ashdown Forest on the Prime Meridian.

Winnie the Pooh would !




With the Stranger Things which manifest in many different ways, I suspect we are being given the same message but in different forms.

It’s not real and we are not separate from the external reality is my take on it.



‘Who cares for you? You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’



The Singularity lies at the heart of a Black Hole.



Gone past the Event Horizon I believe.





Journey On to the Centre.



From Live Science.com :

‘Produced from the implosion of massive stars, black holes are wells in the fabric of space-time so deep that nothing, not even light, can escape them.

At the center of a black hole is what physicists call the “singularity,” or a point where extremely large amounts of matter are crushed into an infinitely small amount of space.

From a theoretical point of view, the singularity is something that becomes something infinitely large,” said physicist Sabine Hossenfelder at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics.’


Good Luck Every One.



What do you mean We ?


The Call Of Cthulhu


Yesterday I had a Bunny morning. There were rabbits everywhere. Breeding like rabbits, I suppose.

First I went into my local Sainsburys grocery store and there was the White Rabbit rattling her tin.



I then had a look at the front pages of the papers and The Sun said the chocolate bunnies were melting in the heat.

Bunny Boiler.



And I then went into my local mall, The Belfry, and met Peter Rabbit and companion.



The Sun Flower, Black Hole and the back drop. And perspective.



The first picture.



Notre Dame. Thanks Rain.



So following the White Rabbit.



HP Lovecraft : The Call of Cthulhu ( Thanks Jen ).

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should
voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing
together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein,
that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”


Space X.






The OA – Old Knight.



And Southend.



As Above, So Below.

And which way is the Umbrella ? Depends how you look at it.



The Ending of Eyes Wide Shut.

Toy Town.




Go ask Alice when she is ten feet tall. At an interview for my passport application on 10/10, in the discussion I was told that in other dimensions things are bigger. Just a normal passport application interview !

Room 8 ( Thanks Jen again ).

‘Don’t open it
Why not ?
You may regret it’.

Too late !



All About You.







From The OA : Overview.



Notre Dame.



And Giants. In the OA during the Rose Window scene, Karim is seen wearing a World Series 2010 shirt.



I know virtually zilch about the World Series but a quick Google said it was between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. San Francisco won 🙂 .




It’s Big Love.



I think it’s going to be a mad final episode.



Let’s Twist Again.



Eye Spier something beginning with.

The Spire.



Notre Dame and Nostradamus.

The Prediction.

Pet Goat 11. Adam waking up and Eyes Wide Open.



In Spiral.

Franklin Texas – Tornado.



And Lovelady, Texas.




And Donnie.



The In Spiral Staircase in Reigate.

Look Familiar ? It’s All About You.



Notre Dame, Paris, France.





And the Fallen Woman.

Last Saturday night / Sunday morning Sydney Monfries fell to her death down a spiral staircase in the Bell Tower in Fordham University, the Bronx, New York . Click Mail Online.



As amazing as some of this is, it is a bit grist to the mill on Merovee. The magical becomes everyday. Last night, I was speaking to Jenny and for about five seconds she transmogrified into Jennifer Connelly. I said to her ‘By the way, you just transmogrified into Jennifer Connelly’ and she replied ‘OK then’ and we carried on talking as if it was totally normal.

And yesterday Roob had a giant alien jellyfish flying overhead and we say ‘That’s Interesting’. And it was in truth. I hope I never lose the WTF feeling.



The Notre Dame fire has triggered a thought in me and I’m not sure exactly what I’m seeing. And as someone said to me ‘At present, probably any mad idea you may have is correct’. Just following the rabbit.

Toy Town.





To follow my train of thought, it helps if you watched the final episode of The OA Part 2 titled ‘Overview’. And even then you may not understand but I wouldn’t worry. I maybe insane but I don’t think so.

In the episode, one of the characters Karim Washington manages to find and open an important Rose Window in a house in San Francisco.




Eye Spier.



Notre Dame cathedral.



And Karim finds himself overlooking a film set of his version of San Francisco, in presumably another dimension and the film set contains cardboard cut outs of the buildings in his dimension.




In an email, Jen wrote the Notre Dame Cathedral looks like papier mache as the Cathedral burned.

And since then when I have looked at the images from the fire, to me the Cathedral has looked like a cardboard cut out in a similar fashion to Karim Washington’s overview.

The date of the Notre Dame fire was 4/15. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper spontaneously combusts.







And since then, when I’ve been out and about, I’ve had the sensation which comes and goes that the buildings around me are Toy Town buildings.

For example here is a pic of a new house that has been built a few doors down from me. And as I passed for a fleeting moment, I got the feeling I could bend down and pick up the deer. Maybe a sign of on set lunacy.



And the Reigate pyramid.



The Zero Theorem.



It’s early days with this but there maybe a clue with LOL.

Late On Set Lesbianism.



And a confirmation for me that I’m on the right track with this, shortly after I published the article I walked past a lingerie shop called All About You.



And in All About You was a miniature house.




And in more bizarre Merovee news, Anon has passed the Alpha Bethlehem torch to Frank.

Over the years, I have occasionally said I don’t want to play Monopoly any more, I want to play Twister.

It’s In Spiral.




Good game, good game.


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