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It’s A Small World


It’s a small world.

From Lucy :

Lucy : ‘We’ve codified our existence to bring it down to human size, to make it comprehensible, we’ve created a scale so we can forget its unfathomable scale.’



At the time of the Notre Dame fire in Paris when I looked at one of the images from the fire, I gained the distinct impression that I was looking at a cardboard cut out.



This followed on from the end of ‘The OA’ Series 2 when the Rose Window opens to show a film set where the characters’ locations in The OA were shown in miniature on the set. And implied a Fourth Wall scenario where the characters and actors were somehow entangled. And also the audience watching the series on the TV. It’s difficult to explain it unless you’ve seen the The OA.



And The Incredible Shrinking Man.




One of the strange sensations since moving has been that the place where I live is a model village. And that the houses and shops and pub are cardboard cut outs . And that the road that runs through it has toy Scale Electric type vehicles travelling along it. Again it’s difficult to show but I hope these pics give an impression of what I’m seeing.





And the house from The OA keeps showing. I’ve seen it in Weatherford and Austin in Texas and now here.




What I am also sensing is that I too am miniaturised. I am imagining a miniaturised version of myself living in a miniaturised building and town.

Shrinking and On The Couch.

‘Tell me about your weird childhood ?’



And in connection with the Body Self and the Fourth Wall and ‘It’s Just A Movie’ I’m exploring the I Dear that the Eye acts as a camera and projector and that every time we blink it is actually an individual film strip that helps to create the movie.




There is a power struggle going on within all of us I believe. In short, the Little Me which believes it is solely a body doomed to live a short existence and then returns to the Earth and that’s your lot and your eternal God Self. And it is a one way power struggle as it is only the Little Me that struggles with Life and your God Self doesn’t. The Little Me says it is the Boss but it isn’t in reality

I think this is reflected with the Crown. Here in the UK we have a Royal Family and the Law of the Land is termed the Crown and the Crown calls itself the Law.

‘Your Response Is Required By Law’ with a Crown logo on the envelope.

This is not the real Crown. For me it is a reflection of the ego Body Self which says it is the Law and speaks for God but is totally unreal.



And with the Census, the Village in the Prisoner and the mind’s addiction for data and News.

We Want Information.



And the real Crown and the Big Me and Big Us ?



Believing Is Seeing.


White Walls


Thanks to bob for pointing this out. I’m trying to make sense of no sense. We seem to be looking at two worlds ( or more ) and With In and With Out. At times it may seem I’m disappearing up my own arse but our lives are very much integrated into ‘consciousness’.

Time layers and White Walls.



And Memphis, Egypt.

Two Lands and White Walls.

From Wiki :

‘Memphis (Menefer)(Arabic: مَنْف‎ Manf pronounced [mænf]; Bohairic Coptic: ⲙⲉⲙϥⲓ; Greek: Μέμφις) was the ancient capital of Inebu-hedj, the first nome of Lower Egypt that was known as mḥw (“north”). Its ruins are located near the modern town of Mit Rahina, 20 km (12 mi) south of Giza in Greater Cairo, Egypt.

Memphis has had several names during its history of almost four millennia. Its Ancient Egyptian name was Inebu-hedj translated as “The White Walls”.

Because of its size, the city also came to be known by various other names that were the names of neighbourhoods or districts that enjoyed considerable prominence at one time or another. For example, according to a text of the First Intermediate Period, it was known as Djed-Sut (“everlasting places”), which is the name of the pyramid of Teti.

At one point the city was referred to as Ankh-Tawy (meaning “Life of the Two Lands”), stressing the strategic position of the city between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. This name appears to date from the Middle Kingdom (c. 2055–1640 BCE), and is frequently found in ancient Egyptian texts. Some scholars maintain that this name was that of an area that contained a sacred tree, the western district of the city that lay between the great Temple of Ptah and the necropolis at Saqqara.’






And Two Worlds.




It’s not easy to see through the fog but I think Timelines are being opened and closed. Or maybe more accurately re-opened. At the end of last week one of my neural pathway walks ended up at The Garden Of Remembrance in Nutfield and as is the way of things was personal and emotional. It wasn’t directly personal to me but still a bit of a heart bomb.



And Frank’s secret daughter.



Quantum Energy fields.

E Motion and Energy and Wattage. Again Within and Without. I’m still trying to sort out who supplies the energy to the White House. It’s either Shell Energy or Bulb Energy. I suspect we’re trying to get the energy to flow down the correct line.

And Doublespeak. Why nothing makes sense.

‘Mismatch of the addresses in the National Database’. And ‘crossed meters issue’.




It’s Another World. Or something.


Deep State


Checking Reality.



We are in a Time of Deep Reflection.

Deep Thought.

42 : The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.






Deep State.



And Selfish. Which is weird because the Queen Is Dead but there is the Queen saying it’s selfish not to have a jab. It’s E Motional blackmail.

A few years ago when I went through Waterloo Station in London at rush hour it felt like the mass of commuters were semi solid and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had passed through me. I get the same impression whenever the news pops up these days and I see semi solid dream figures in the media.




I See A Rhinoceros.



But ‘It’s My Life’.



Who’s The Daddy ?

‘There’s More 2 You Than You Think !’



In the mirror. Sun DNA Moon.





And Danae.



From ‘Danae and Zeus in Greek Mythology.’


‘The story of Danae and Zeus is one of the most famous stories from Greek mythology, for it is a love story, a romance between a god and a mortal.

Tales of Danae’ beauty had already reached Zeus upon Mount Olympus, but the interest of the Olympian god was really piqued by news of the construction of a bronze tower in Argos. So Zeus descended from his palace to the realm of Acrisius.

Acrisius had done a perfect job of preventing a mortal from gaining access to Danae, but the bronze tower was not going to stop a god, especially one as determined as Zeus. Thus, Zeus transformed himself into a raincloud, and in the form of a shower of gold, Zeus cascaded through the tower’s roof.

Alone with the beautiful Danae, Zeus spends the night with the beautiful princess, and as a result, Danae becomes pregnant. After the allotted time, the relationship between Zeus and Danae brings forth a child, a boy who was named Perseus.’






It’s Old.


Mirror In The Bathroom


Mirror In The Bathroom.

We are in a Time of Deep Reflection.



Don’t ask me why I do some of this stuff. I just do what I’m told.

Circling back or forward or sideways. IDK. The Mirror Verse is confusing.






And you better get ready. The Census is coming. It’s about Us.



You will be assessed.

Census :

‘1610s, in reference to registration and taxation in Roman history, from Latin census “the enrollment of the names and property assessments of all Roman citizens,” originally past participle of censere “to assess” (see censor (n.)). The modern use of census as “official enumeration of the inhabitants of a country or state, with details” begins in the U.S. (1790), and Revolutionary France (1791). Property for taxation was the primary purpose in Rome, hence Latin census also was used for “one’s wealth, one’s worth, wealthiness.”

But there is only one real assessment.

The Only Judgment. The First and Last Judgment.

Nuts End.




In No Sense.


It’s A Mad World

It’s a Mad World.




First the Monoliths and 2001 : A Space Odyssey and now now Donnie Darko.

United Airlines Flight 328.





From Donnie Darko.

The Artifact.




The Tangent Universe.

‘When a Tangent Universe is created, the original universe, the one of which the Tangent Universe is a copy of, is said to be put on “hold”. This means that time stops within the original universe from the moment the other one is created. Essentially, everything in the original universe is “paused”, and time begins in the Tangent Universe. The next few weeks which would have happened within the original universe transpire within the new one. Tangent Universes cease to exist within only a few weeks. Once they do so, and if certain events explained below occur, the original universe will be “unpaused”, and time will continue as normal within it from the moment that it was put on hold.’

And Mr 2 of Everything.

‘As stated before, with the occurence of a Tangent Universe, also comes the appearance of an “artifact”, a certain object that appears spontaneously into it. According to the common consensus, when a tangent universe is formed, it is a seemingly exact copy of the original one, with one of everything copied into it. The exact origin of the artifact is unknown, however, it is thought that during the copying process, an “error” occurs, causing an object which is being copied into the tangent universe to duplicate. ‘




We Are In A Time Of Deep Reflection.

All Done With Mirrors. Welcome to The Mirror Verse. As an example, Jenny and I are seriously reflecting.

On Friday I took the pic of Home Of The Roast in Redhill, England and published it in the last article on Saturday. On Friday, Jenny was unaware I had taken the pic and on Friday night she went for a meal at the Fire Oak Grill in Weatherford, Texas.




Jen is circling back at the White House.




And the Rose Garden at The White House.

Le Jardin Les Herbe La Rose.





From ‘The Artifact : Donnie Darko Wiki’ :

‘Artifacts are formed from metal, such as an Arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilization, or a Metal Sword from Medieval Europe.’



Humerus ?


Hot N Cold

Hot N Cold.



Waiting for a Train.

Cool as a Queuecumber.



It’s a Heatwave Two Day. According to my weather app the temperature may reach 60°F.

Home Of The Roast.



And the Other Day it was freezing.



One Day.



Neural Pathways and Path Ports. Interesting phrasing in this Mind Line : ‘What Your Brain Does To Create Reality’.

And the blind spot just out of view : ‘How a string of strange discoveries could reveal a cosmos hidden just out of view’.

Smile You’re On Camera and who is the Observer behind the CCTV ? Is anyone really there ?





‘How do you know what your sensory apparatus reveals to you is correct ?’




All Ways On My Mind.


Down Memory Lane


It’s Max de Winter.

From our Texan correspondent.



And the Acropolis.



From ‘Inception’.



And rock and earth formations. Down Sandy Lane. Others may have their own interpretations as to what it means. Feel Free.

They are probably more fascinating close up than in the pics . Again I believe it is a place where the internal subconscious and external matter meet.






In the UK we are in Lockdown 2. As in the first lockdown, the world and his wife has gone to Proxima Centauri or somewhere it seems. Earlier I walked into South Nutfield which takes about 20 minutes and apart from traffic I only saw two people. Here is a three minute snippet as I approached the centre of South Nutfield. There was absolutely no movement in the houses either. Normally it is very busy. Click The Light’s Are On But No One’s Home




Reality for me is totally fxxked. It is clear that much of whatever passes for the external reality is not ‘Out There’ and is a set of surreal images and movie screen from the subconscious.

And Time and parallel and alternate realities or whatever they are. Since about May in 2020, I have existed in twin realities or even more. What is going to happen suddenly changes and I have also been having twin experiences where the next day mirrors the previous day. Maybe we all are. It’s difficult to say without knowing everyone’s personal details but I would suggest looking into your own experiences if you are going through something similar.

For the last few years the Universe has been saying very strongly that Jenny and myself have met before and been together previously. But neither of us has a memory of this. And I’m not talking about past lives but what passes for our present life time. Maybe we have all met up in this life time without awareness of it. The crucial Time period seems to be set in 1997 about the time of separation from my ex wife.

The Universe is saying the event that caused the timeline shift was a lightning storm. On a Friday night in June 1997, an enormous lightning storm suddenly came out of nowhere. At the time my daughter was young and in bed and she was scared and I went to her bedroom to calm her. It wasn’t long until I was just as scared as she was as the storm worsened and a few minutes later there was an enormous bang above us. What had happened was that lightning had hit the TV aerial and roof. Once the dust had settled I went downstairs to discover that was the end of the TV as it had gone straight down the wires and blown all the electrical connections to bits.

To understand fully what I’m trying to explain a very good movie to watch is Mirage. In the movie a storm somehow causes glitches in time and parallel and alternate realities for the individuals. I’m sincerely hoping lightning doesn’t strike twice even allowing for Mr 2 Of Everything.



The Tower.



The relevant period covers the period from the rise of Tony Blair on 1st May 1997 – the separation from my wife took place the day before – and also the death of Princess Di and Dodi Fayed in Paris. At the time I was working for a South African family owned company and the family were working through the fall out from the end of apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s rise to power in South Africa.

Which again speaks of parallel and alternate realities with the Mandela Effect and Manderley Effect.




What caused the memory loss then ? I have a few theories ranging from ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ or ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ type scenario where the memory has been purposefully expunged or for some unknown spiritual reason or literally two timelines running parallel to each other and one has been submerged by the other.

Anyway the long and the short of it is that Tremayne Breaux were deleted. We would like to be undeleted. Thank you.

And Energy and Free Energy and Wattage. We are the Energy and yet we have to pay for energy. Again I have had recent quantum reality experiences with energy suppliers. At my previous residence my energy supplier was with Electricite de France. When I moved I went on a hunt to find out who supplies the energy. The previous occupant said it was a firm called Shell Energy which I think I can reasonably assume that he would know. I contacted Shell Energy and they said they didn’t provide the energy but it was Bulb Energy so I am now with Bulb Energy.




I was told by Daisy at Bulb Energy that I shouldn’t worry about the usage and yet I still have to pay. This is a long way round to get onto Guilt. The little Me and separated Self protects Guilt and the reason for that is because if you see the reasoning you will probably start questioning it and ask such questions as why does a loving God see me as a sinner and want to send me to Hell because I do something God disapproves of. It just doesn’t make sense.

As I’ve gone into guilt first I came across the bits of me that I didn’t like but as I’ve gone on I’ve come to realise that what guilt is protecting is not the parts of you that ‘shame’ you but it is a wall round Innocence and our immortal eternal Self which is our true Self.

There is nothing to pay for.


Setting Sons

Firstly Happy Birthday to MJ for 15/2 or 2/15 🎂




Everything seems to be in the mix and one of the elements that has shown itself is how much music is integrated into the kaleidoscope.

The Tracks Of My Years. In the last few days songs from a British new wave band from the late 1970s and early 1980s – The Jam – have jumped out. Are the links meaningful or does the mind have a neutral neural pathway that just connects ?

Firstly from the In The City album.

‘I’ve Changed My Address’.



Yesterday Jenny and I for Saturday at the Movies watched a movie titled News of the World starring Tom Hanks. Highly recommended. An adventure across Texas.



But this leads into another Jam song – News of the World.



And Strange Town from Setting Sons.





The David Watts Arts and Crafts Group.

All Are Welcome.




And the Mirror Verse – Setting Suns and the Land of the Rising Sun.

East to West Madness.



Yesterday there was an earthquake in Fukushima prefecture. It’s horny.

Down a slippery slope.









Icemageddon is about to start in the US.

And helpful tips.



The I Glue.



Salt crystals are useful with ice and snow.




And it’s all relative. Over the last week or so it’s been below freezing here for most of the time. Tomorrow according to the forecast it’s going to be 12°C or 54°F.

It’s a Heatwave.



I’ve said this many times I know but it’s worth repeating – it’s In No Sense.


Year Of The Long Horn

This is a bit of a mad sink fest which jumped out at me this morning.

It’s a different language.



Today is start of the Chinese Year of the Ox.

Happy Moo Year.



It’s the Year of the Long Horn.

Texas keeps showing.





Fort Worth is Cowtown.




And Horny in Congress.



The Year of the Ox and the Oxford jab.




Damned foreigners. Stealing all the jabs.



East to West Madness and the Oxford and Cambridge rail link. It’s wireless.



The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

The Boat Race in British rhyming slang is The Face. Oxford are the Dark Blues and Cambridge are the Light Blues. Normally the boat race takes place on the Thames but in 2021 it has been moved to the Great Ouse.

The Ripple Effect.




And Fear of The Illusion in Sainsbury’s.



And Falling in Them All.



Down a slippery slope.



In this insane surreal farce we are experiencing at present, here in the UK we are living in Bubbles.

Lovely Bubbly.




And Custer’s Last Stand at Little Big Horn. It’s a paradox.



Brexit, Texit, Ox It.


The White Stuff

Narnia in the snow. It’s a Winter Wonderland.

Nutfield Marsh.









And as yet another example of the weird mirror effect. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a neighbour about the snow and cold and he said how much he hated the White Stuff. I enjoy it. I returned indoors into the White House to read an email from Jenny saying there were BLM protests in her town in Texas. They were protesting about the White Stuff.




There was an Interdimensional storm.



And the Fall of the Wall. 9/11 and 9/11/1989 in Germany.




And the Manderley Effect and Max de Winter.




It’s difficult to describe but I’m seeing a reality of multi dimensionality, parallel and alternate and deleted or forgotten timelines and memories and a bizarre mirror verse or kaleidoscopic reality and The Man in the High Castle type scenarios. East and West, Left and Right, Up and Down, Black and White etc. This is a strange, strange place.

This is a Mega Stream Cabinet.



And you have to pay. One of the things that has struck me with my move is how many organisations want your money. I see this as a reflection of original sin and our attempt to pay off the guilt. ‘I have to pay’. Also I think it is also a reflection of the belief in ‘Give and Take’. We think we should receive something in return for giving. I believe this is an unreal mirror of our true being which is to For Give without limits and without putting a price on For Giveness.

And it’s a paradox. It’s Crackers in Sainsbury’s.




Ding Dong.