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A Big Shining Lie

A Big Shining Lie.

It is incapable of creation so it feeds off and on those who can. And it feeds and it feeds. Essentially it feeds off innocence.

Carbon copies and reflections of the real thing.






For want of a better description the ego mind is now isolated. It is in a 1 2 1 with the Christ mind and not too put too fine a point on it is fucked.



It’s a long and winding road. Good lyrics aren’t they ?



It’s a strange place this.



The Quantum Leap.





The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

‘At the smallest scale, the world can and does run in reverse.’



And Big Cats.

Back in 1987 I had a close encounter with a big cat in Caterham as you do. Which may not be uncommon in other parts of the world but big cats are not native to England’s Green and Pleasant Land. Over the years there have been plenty of reports of big cats in the British Isles but in the media there was a big campaign to deny their existence. You’re mad if you see a big cat was the underlying theme similar to UFO close encounters. To my mind it had never seemed totally out of the realms of possibility that these cats may have found hiding places for themselves. So what was the big deal with the media’s disparaging attitude ?



‘Daimon or Daemon (δαίμων: “god”, “godlike”, “power”, “fate”)] originally referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirit such as the daimons of ancient Greek religion and mythology and of later Hellenistic religion and philosophy. The word is derived from Proto-Indo-European *daimon “provider, divider (of fortunes or destinies),” from the root *da- “to divide”. Daimons were possibly seen as the souls of men of the golden age acting as tutelary deities, according to entry δαίμων at Liddell & Scott. See also daimonic: a religious, philosophical, literary and psychological concept.’



At present there is a mass of enormous swirling energy.

And to another type of Demon.




Or something.




I wouldn’t fuck with the female ninjas if you know what’s good for you.


Hidden Realms


‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.

Deep Water.




The Upside Down, East and West, North and South, Diagon Alley. Do the Hokey Cokey and Shake It All About.




Behind closed doors and closed curtains is not always a pretty sight. Out of sight, out of mind.



The Onus is On Us.


Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound.

Waiting for a Train. This covers very much everything.




The Mindfulness Revolution.



And Car Clues and the Birth Day and Right and Left.

A few days ago, I came across this at East Lodge which is opposite Clock Cottage on the other side of the road. Gateways is the name of the house or where I was born or one of them which is another story. And number plate 1081 which is my birth date both forwards and backwards. The gate is open.

Right Hand Drive.



And on 3rd June – 3/6 or 6/3 in US money – which is a mirror of Jenny’s birthday on 6th March, this beautiful 1964 Ford Falcon suddenly drove into the pub car park as I was walking past the pub.

And the number plate is 371 which is Jenny’s birth month and year date.

Left Hand Drive.





Carclew and Cellular Memory.





And Searching for Atlantis.




The Ancient Truth and the Ancient Illusion.

‘The ancient truth is as beautiful as the ancient illusion is ironic and disturbing. Indeed, one is the answer to the other. Again and again we find the same basic theme: There was something unspeakably joyous and beautiful that existed in ancient times, so ancient that it was before the world began (or arose as the world began). This ancient beauty seemed to have been degraded, eroded, and even destroyed as the eons crawled by. But in fact, however much we don’t see it, it remains intact, completely unchanged and completely present. It offers itself to us right now, and if we accept it again, it will instantly return and overturn the ancient illusion. It will again take its ancient place as our sole reality, as if nothing had ever happened.’


In The Garden.



A Den.




On one side of the track my life is very +5D. I ignore the media and normal 3D life stuff as best I can. In general it is peaceful and calm and everyone is friendly and it is full of the weird and wonderful. But on the other side of the track I find myself venturing into Mars as MJ describes it.

People are genuinely very very scared. I think it is more than just the virus and propaganda. I’ve taken the path of not pushing people’s buttons in this regard and everyone will have their own perspective but I’m wondering what is the Deep Fear in the Ancient Illusion. Over the years I’ve encountered all sorts of different energies both high and low but this is something else. It maybe just a case of ‘Purging The Poisons’ but it feels different to normal anxiety for a pandemic and even spiritual anxiety. There is something incredibly nasty and Nazi which people are very scared of. Something very very old and and unpleasant IMO which needs to be blasted out into space. And when the intention is to vaccinate everyone on the planet which seems to be the goal and people are queuing up for the innoculation as this fear is triggered, I know there is something very wriggly in the can of worms.




She wants us Home.


One Moment In Time


Two things have been coming through strongly recently.

Firstly we are Frozen In Time and Quantum Locked. Even though I think we are Quantum Unlocking now and the door is opening.

And it’s an Alien mind. Whatever that means exactly.








The War Is On The Mind.

Some of us have been connecting dots. Yesterday a friendly Amazon parcel delivery lady told me ‘Follow The Dots’ so I did a bit more dot following. Personally the mindfuckery has been appalling and the dot connecting is saying it’s even worse than I suspected or could have thought. And it fans out to include Time, Mind and reality manipulation, JFK, the first Moon Landing, the Manson Family, Scientology, Satanic Ritual Abuse and 911 and Olympic rituals and Whitney Houston and the Jab and a multitude of other nasties. And it is gross to the max. I’m always loathe to speak for others because they know their lives better than I do but I’m sure at some level everyone is effected. In short Deep State exists as much as anything exists.

And The War Is In The Mind.

As you follow the dots what becomes apparent is that they don’t follow a normal Cause and Effect linear line. Time, reflection and mirrors and the quantum world is in there and general metaphysical strangeness. And the End Game is to keep the Mind and Self within the 3D reality bubble. Deep State in the mind is played out in the 3D physical reality. In my view it is an Illusion but the methods used to keep the Illusion going are extreme.

At the deepest level though it is a choice even though the conscious mind is normally totally unaware of what’s going on deep down.

Waiting For A Train.



Homeward Bound.


The Satan Bug

Firstly the good news. The Miss Terree lady wants her children home.


There is a space
That exists with us
And around us
Where angels sing on rays of light
And love pours forth
Love pours forth
Love pours forth
From the heart of the Universe




From a spiritual perspective the answer to me is clear. Essentially the illusory 3D reality is an attack on God and a wish to be separate from God and the answer lies in changing the mind. Guilt and fear and hate and death and disease and war etc are included in this. It’s a matter of going deep into the mind and heart to change the coding. What we see is purely a projection of the guilt mind.

That’s the theory ! In our reality it’s a bit more complicated even though that is the ultimate cure. As we go deep into the mind then the reality projects the deeper levels of the mind both the pleasant and the unpleasant and then we have to deal with the illusion as well as it shows itself which at times is totally bizarre.

Essentially the separated Ego Mind is Satanic or Saturnic. It’s enemy is God and and in a dualistic mind it looks for protection from God. I’m not sure but the ultimate enemy maybe The Goddess. Who and what is God ? At one level the mind fears the Devil but going deeper it looks to Satan as a saviour from God even though Satan doesn’t exist in reality. IMO.

Underlying it all and out of sight all our major institutions are Satanic. Banks, politics, religions, military, police, education, health, work etc are harvesters of spiritual energy for this mind. It is a mind so unbelievably nasty and full of hate at the core, it is beyond belief but we are all attached to it even though the conscious mind is totally unaware of it.

But in this world there seem to be projections of this mind that are consciously aware of the agenda and want to keep the game going. To be honest I’m not too sure exactly what they are. They seem to be semi physical holographic projections. Not real but real at the same time.

Following the Car Clues – Carlos Castaneda.

‘They Gave Us Their Mind’ but it is our mind and we can choose.

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile; helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.

‘They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind which becomes our mind.’


There is a balance with this sort of stuff that if you fight the Empire you can become the the Empire but it does need to be said.




She is waiting.


The Twin Paradox

The Twin Paradox.



From :

‘Twin paradox, an apparent anomaly that arises from the treatment of time in German-born physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

The counterintuitive nature of Einstein’s ideas makes them difficult to absorb and gives rise to situations that seem unfathomable. For example, suppose that one of two identical twin sisters flies off into space at nearly the speed of light. According to relativity, time runs more slowly on her spacecraft than it does on Earth; therefore, when she returns to Earth, she will be younger than her Earth-bound sister. But in relativity, what one observer sees as happening to a second one, the second one sees as happening to the first one. To the space-going sister, time moves more slowly on Earth than it does in her spacecraft; when she returns, her Earth-bound sister is the one who is younger. How can the space-going twin be both younger and older than her Earth-bound sister?

The answer is that the paradox is only apparent, for the situation is not appropriately treated by special relativity. To return to Earth the spacecraft must change direction, which violates the condition of steady straight-line motion central to special relativity. A full treatment requires general relativity, which shows that there would be an asymmetrical change in time between the two sisters. Thus, the “paradox” does not cast doubt on how special relativity describes time, which has been confirmed by numerous experiments.’


The Doppler Effect.

The science is lost on me but the Universe is pointing it out.



And the Quantum New Scientist.

Ration All left the building a long time ago.



Two States Or One ? Which Is Real ?





England’s Green and Pleasant Land is a beautiful and weird place. Beware the brambles though.

The Land That Thyme Forgot.



And Memory and Forget Me Knots. Off Merovee a few of us have been going down a giant rabbit hole. And it seems that even though I may have forgotten someone she never forgot me but I may have had no choice in the matter.



It’s A Mazing.




‘Reality is not only stranger than we suppose but stranger than we can suppose.’


Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

It’s old stuff. The universe does speak in the most peculiar way at times.

Ancient dreams in a modern land.

And Reflections Of Us. Sometimes silence speaks and you just feel it. Thank you.



Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.



Maybe it’s just a movie but we seem to have work our way through the Crystal Maze and I think we are going backwards rather than forwards. Or possibly both at the same time. Who knows ?

Deep Water. Deep State. Deep Shit.

This is a very strange place and the imagery is totally bizarre at times. Love Has Won was a website which I visited a few times until I realised Mother God was probably totally bonkers. And Mother God Amy Carlson has now been found dead and her body discovered in a mummified state. The whiff of Deep State and Deep Shit is there.



From BBC News :

‘It was late on a Wednesday night when the sheriff of Saguache County in Colorado asked Corporal Steven Hansen to investigate a report of a death.

A body, he was told, had been found at a house in a remote cul-de-sac near Moffat, a mountain-flanked town of about 100 people.

Within hours, he executed a warrant to search the house. Inside, he was disturbed by what he saw.

In one of the bedrooms, a shrine had been made for what Mr Hansen described as the mummified remains of what appeared to be a woman.

Placed on the bed, the woman’s body was cocooned in a sleeping bag adorned with Christmas lights, while glitter make-up had been applied around her eyes.

The body is believed to be that of Amy Carlson, the 45-year-old spiritual leader of Love Has Won, a religious group branded a cult by critics and police.

Little is known about the origins of Love Has Won, which is believed to have emerged in the late 2000s under a different guise.

A follower encouraged Ms Carlson to join their movement, paving the way for her elevation to the head of Love Has Won. Its disciples do not appear to have a fixed set of beliefs. Instead, they practise and preach a fluid theology consisting of New Age philosophy, conspiracy theories, and messiah worship.

Their messiah was Ms Carlson, who was known as “Mother God”.


Apologies for showing this pic again but it speaks.



Cellular Memory.

Deep down in the cells we know.




Forget Me Knots.


Miss Terree

Firstly it’s Roob’s birthday coming up on 25th May. Get it right this time ! Happy Birthday 🙂 .

And Altered Images fits very nicely with the subject matter of the article.



‘I sometimes get this strange and uncontrollable urge to want to go home.’



And ‘Just Your Imagination’ and ‘It’s An Illusion’.

Maybe Top Boffins talk crap.



If you ever get the feeling you’ve been here before.

Round and round on the carousel of Time. Living in the Past which fits with current articles. I thought Merovee had left ‘Conspiracy’ behind but back again.



It’s Old Stuff.



In The Cells.



Cellular Memory and the past memory. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

‘The cells in our body divide constantly throughout life. But how do cells remember whether to develop into a skin, liver or intestinal cell? It’s a question that has puzzled scientists for many years. Now, scientists from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Copenhagen have come a little closer to understanding this process.

They have developed a technique that gives new insight into the so-called epigenetic cellular memory. With the new technique, called SCAR-seq, the researchers have been able to address how epigenetic information stored in histone proteins is transmitted when DNA is copied and cells divide. The new study has just been published in the scientific journal Science.

“We have developed a new tool to look at the transmission of protein-based information in general and how it contributes to epigenetic memory of mammalian cells. For the first time, we can see which proteins are on the two new DNA strands that are formed when DNA is copied during cell division. Thus, we can now investigate how protein-based information is inherited and propagated to daughter cells.”

“This is the first time we have direct evidence that a specific protein is linking the transmission of epigenetic information on histones with the replication of genetic information in DNA. We knew that histone-based information had to be transmitted to both new DNA strands in one way or another, but we did not know how,” says Anja Groth, professor at the Biotech Research & Innovation Center, University of Copenhagen, and co-author of the study.’


It’s Ironic. And I have a lot of sympathy for the poor mice !



From :

‘Iron deficiency (ID) is the most common nutrient deficiency, affecting 2 billion people and 30% of pregnant women and their offspring. Early life ID affects at least 3 major neurobehavioral domains, including speed of processing, affect, and learning and memory, the latter being particularly prominent. The learning and memory deficits occur while the infants are iron deficient and persist despite iron repletion. The neural mechanisms underlying the short- and long-term deficits are being elucidated. Early ID alters the transcriptome, metabolome, structure, intracellular signaling pathways, and electrophysiology of the developing hippocampus, the brain region responsible for recognition learning and memory. Until recently, it was unclear whether these effects are directly due to a lack of iron interacting with important transcriptional, translational, or post-translational processes or to indirect effects such as hypoxia due to anemia or stress. Nonanemic genetic mouse models generated by conditionally altering expression of iron transport proteins specifically in hippocampal neurons in late gestation have led to a greater understanding of iron’s role in learning and memory. The learning deficits in adulthood likely result from interactions between direct and indirect effects that contribute to abnormal hippocampal structure and plasticity.’


Memory is the past made present.

And Screen Memory and replacement and quantum memories – Wiki :

‘In discussing multidirectional memory, it is important to highlight that screen memory is also a kind of multidirectional memory, even though screen memory operates more on the personal level while multidirectional memory is primarily collective. Screen memory is “covering up a traumatic event-another traumatic event-that cannot be approached directly”.

Screen memory gains its significance from the presence of other memories and not necessarily as a stand-alone memory. With screen memory, there is more than one memory operating at the same time, except one is displaced by another, so we may not realise the presence of multiple memories. This points to its multidirectionality. The memory being used as a replacement is usually one that is easier to confront. This however does not result in the total silencing of the other memory(ies), which would suggest competition between or among memories.’


And the Miss Terry lady.




Personally a lot of Miss Terrees have surfaced and some very interesting things are being said. And a lot of what is being said is difficult to take on board but I suspect is reality.

Getting back on the right track.



It’s a Miss Story.