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Mr 2 Of Everything

‘There is more than One of Everything. I have said 2 much’.



Mr 2 Of Everything.







The Second Impeachment. The charge is In Sightment.

Double Trouble.





Double or Quits.








In Memor I.



From Im Peach to Im Pound.




‘In Memory Of The Horses Killed In The South African War’.




And The Wheel Of Time.





Forever is a long time but that’s so so so beautiful.


The Spinning Wheel


Another trip through the Windmills of my Mind.




I think it could get seriously nutty in Nutfield. My first few days has continued normal service. My Landlady’s name in Nut Field is Sally.



It’s the Manderley Effect.



The Spinning Wheel.

Wheels Within Wheels.



Wake up and smell the coffee. Or something.

And Old.




The Old Bakery.




Anyhoo it is very clear that our reality really isn’t what we thought it was. I don’t like speaking for others but I think we are getting to the point where we are close to leaving the old 3D world. One of the hurdles to be crossed I believe is letting go. Even though I can see that the reality is not real there is a part of the mind that hangs on and wants the old reality to be true. It’s a false comfort zone in a sense where the ‘Separated Mind’ and Little Me thinks it is safe from God and All There Is.

The Fourth Wall and No Boundaries and No Limits. I want to be able to walk through the Wall. But we set the boundaries and limits.



And Storage Space and the Tech mind.

The Shed.



Selfless and Shedding. Who or what is Identity and the Self ?



Apart from the sheer insanity of 2020, I had my own personal repeat pattern . At my old apartment in Reigate, from about the time of the first lockdown in March I had to deal with a constant stream of different people who wanted to come into the apartment . Every week or so I would get a request from someone – electricians, fire safety people, landlord and family, plumbers, estate agents etc – who wanted to come over into my apartment. It was seriously bizarre especially in Lockdown year. It felt like the whole world and his wife for whatever reason wanted to come inside my apartment. They were welcome but it was very strange. I have never felt less isolated !

It became like the ‘mother!’ movie with Jennifer Lawrence, where she had to to deal with a mass of people who turned up on the doorstep of the house which she was lovingly renovating.

Who are all these people ?





And the Mirror Verse. We are ‘Out There’ on the silver screen. In my case there is Pope Francis and I now live at the White House. Do Pope Francis and Trump and Biden etc and all the rest of our reflections or the other Us exist or are they just pure illusions or reflections that the Mind creates or are there are other worlds within the Spinning Wheel and we experience some sort of reality in the kaleidoscope.

And just pushing a few buttons and hoping for the best and ‘Getting Naked’ I thought I would welcome everyone to the White House. I’m partly hoping it may actually reduce the number of physical beings who show up on the doorstep. Bah Humbug ! But don’t make a mess. That’s my job.






Lights will guide you home.


The White House


Apologies for my absence over last few days. I’ve been moving into The White House. That’s if anyone noticed my absence !




I’m hoping this is the start of something new. About this time last year in 2020 I broke the humerus bone in my shoulder ( Funny Ha Ha ) on 15/1/2020 which was a ‘Welcome to 2020’. Welcome to 2021 – ‘2020 : It’s Behind You’. I’m hoping my move is symbolic of a more progressive and positive reality. I’ve noticed from observations and feedback with a few other people, they are also starting something new. As an example, my daughter is buying her first apartment and leaving the nest.



People may ask why I put so many images and personal elements into the article but over the years I’ve come to understand the external world is a form of projection of a subconscious process and it shows where I am going and where we are going. Surely Trump and politicians and kings and queens are more important than you ? The Universe says they are not. We are an integral part of the Universe and ‘God’and the Universe can’t exist without us. You are that important ! And do they even exist or just illusory figures in the ‘dream’ and you can add the NEWS to that as well. What is Real ?

And the move confirmed to me that there is definitely a Quantum World. Circumstances dictated I had to leave my previous apartment and there was a time pressure and also personal pressure put on me. I viewed four apartments and to each one I said OK and they were going ahead and they all collapsed and the only one that was left was grim. And feeling depressed at the thought of moving into the grim apartment I had one last look to see what was there and there was The White House. And my brain exploded ! Luxury apartment.

Even then the Quantum World didn’t stop. As part of the move I had to change ISP provider as my previous provider doesn’t have a service in the new area. And in a mad three or four hours on a Sunday afternoon I arranged three different dates for an engineer to call to set it up. Also I was suddenly told the new provider didn’t provide a service and then they did and then they didn’t and then they did. It was a totally crazy few hours.

And as another example of how Tech is a reflection of the subconscious Self as well. For a couple of weeks I am not connected to Broadband but thanks to super tech daughter who knows about this sort of thing I am now Tethered and this article will come to you via a Tethered connection. I just push buttons and hope for the best.

Welcome to The White House. Waiting for me and hanging from the curtain pole when I moved in.



And just a quick walk in the locality confirms that reality is a form of Wonderland. The New Normal service continues . Last week following the rabbit and neural pathways – thank you – I came across the Holy Well.



The White House is opposite Well House.




The Beauty Retreat.



And I’m just down from Crown Vet Clinic. It used to be the Crown pub.



And the Birthday.

‘Welcome to 125 Garage’ on the road to Godstone.



And Manifestations of Extreme Energy ‘Out There’.

Hairy, Horny Thor Man.



It’s Weird or Wotan.




Release The Kraken.


The Holy Well

It’s All There Is.




The Holy Well.

Waterslade Holy Well or Sacred Spring in Redhill .

Holy Water.

From :

‘Holy Well or Sacred Spring in Surrey

An ancient spring which seems to have been revered in the past, but fell into disuse. The Waterslade farming area was extensively redeveloped and is now a bustling housing district. The spring has been marked with a brick wellhouse, and a stone plaque read Waterslade Spring, although this is now illegible. A square trough area has been dug into the earth surrounding the spring, but this was filled with detritus from the tree above on my visit. The spring had a small amount of standing water.’







It’s in our DNA.






Surrounded by water.


The Cub E Whole

Firstly apols. I’m seeing the world as a set of images and possible butterfly effects and neural pathways in the Mindscreen which in a reality where words are predominant as a means of explanation makes illustrating what you are seeing not easy.

Painting A Picture.

The Cub E Whole and Pablo Picasso.




The Labyrinth.





The Girl in the Mirror.




The Cube and Harlequin. Why So Serious ?




Boxes within Boxes and Smile.

‘Ha Ha Said The Clown’.





It’s You. Or something.


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.



Every Mother’s Son.

De Winter Son on Christmas Day.





And Manifestation and De Manifestation. I had an interesting Christmas Day morning. I walked up to the local shop and on the way back I saw two joggers running towards me. I blinked and they disappeared into thin air. Nowhere else they could have gone. And shortly after I got home I went for a stroll round the house and then came across this Cordate stone engraving. I have been here since 11/11/2011 – that was the day I moved here – and I can promise you I would have definitely seen it before if it had been there before.

This has happened a fair few times over the last few years. The one incident which blew mine and Jenny’s mind at the same time was when we visited UT in Austin Tx and looking down from the campus the Texas Capitol building suddenly materialised out of thin air. ‘Glitches are memory’.

The Artifact – see Donnie Darko.

Cordate – Wiki :

‘Cordate is an adjective meaning ‘heart-shaped’ and is most typically used for:

Cordate (leaf shape), in plants
Cordate axe, a prehistoric stone tool.’





Pre History.



Let The Sunshine In.




Yabba Dabba Doo. In No Sense is real.



And update to article. A few hours later I came across Event Create Ltd. We’ll see what that means in time I suppose.




Firstly an awesome pic of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction from Jenny.




I hope everyone has a good Christmas break or whatever spiritual path you follow if I don’t post before Christmas Day. Happy holidays. And for atheists and agnostics have a Happy Atheist or Agnostic Holiday.

Humerus ?




I’ve bought myself a Christmas present. The Essene Guide to Quantum Physics from the New Scientist.



And the Double Slit experiment.

‘One experiment , in various iteration, did more than any other to establish that quantum theory’s weird predictions do indeed reflect reality : the infamous double-slit eperiment which sends one two thing two ways at once.’




Over the last nine months or so I’ve been taking a journey into the Quantum world. Even though it is difficult to see and make sense of, for me it is definitely real. One of the conclusions that I’ve come to is that aspects of the quantum realities have been repressed or suppressed in the Self.

And I think it maybe relevant to Christmas as well. The Double Slit theory says that when faced with a choice, the Universe will choose both if faced with a straight right or left, up or down option. Which when it comes to the stable in Bethlehem would suggest that when faced with the choice of a male or female Christ it would choose both.




The Wheel of the Female Christ by Marlo Broekmans. Click Marlo Broekmans.






Daisy Daisy.