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From A Distance


In a dream.



As Above, So Below says ‘We’ are Zooming into the Cosmic Reef.




Elena Sabbi says the image is amazing.

From Space. Com :

With a captivating new photo, the “Cosmic Reef,” NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope showcases the instruments’ incredible capabilities on its 30th anniversary.

Thirty years ago today (April 24), Hubble launched into space on a mission to open humanity’s eyes to the wonders of the cosmos. In a new Hubble image released today, the telescope captured two neighboring clouds of cosmic dust and gas: the giant red nebula NGC 2014 and a smaller blue nebula nearby called NGC 2020.

Hubble scientists named the image “Cosmic Reef,” because the sparkling, brilliant structures resemble a cosmic coral reef glistening in some secret corner of a deep ocean. This image was taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 to mark the telescope’s 30 years in space.

“This image is amazing, it’s really showing how powerful Hubble is,” Elena Sabbi, an astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, told “Today, it has the sharpest eyes it’s ever had.”


The Space Between Us.



But ‘Who Are We ?’ and does it matter ?



From A Distance.




All Is Well.


The Freakiest Show

It’s the Freakiest Show.



Welcome to the Freak End.



And in Breaking News earlier 🙄.

Prince Charles has got it. Into the Crown.



And Greta’s got it.



Everyone Has Gone To The Moon.

From a trip into town.






And Keep Your Distance.



And out of a clear blue sky. With No Fly the skies are totally blue which is very rare for this part of the world. I remember the same effect with the No Fly volcano in Iceland and in which period ‘Weird Or What’ was commissioned.



But there was one plane still flying.



On Monday I went to my initial physio appointment and another follow up appointment with the Fractures Clinic with regards to my fractured Humerus. I’m told it’s all going to plan and I’m on the right track was the phrase used. And again thank you. It is healing from a Super Healing Centre.

But what seemed strange was that both with the Physio and the Doctor, I was not asked to keep my distance. Sit down next to me. And another picture of the X Ray of the healing Humerus which in its own way is peculiarly fascinating.




I think it’s ‘Going Going Gone’ and all this looks terminal to me and I don’t think it’s coming back either. ‘Uncharted Territory’ has got nothing on this.

Back in about 2011, I wrote an article titled ‘911 Never Happened’ on the old Merovee. Ditto.

The Doom Bar.



To The Last Drop.


Rock Me Gently


It’s Extreme. Extreme fear, hate, guilt, anger, pain, frustration and the rest of it.

The Coronavirus.



Tear It Up.




Storm Ciara.



And in US.




Out Of Asia.

He Li. Dr Healing.

Dr Li Weniliang the Whistle-blower. He was an Eye Doctor ( thanks Elena ).



And for 2020, the Cornea Virus.






The Korona Virus.

Healing the Split.



What is the reason for the mayhem ? It’s Extreme Love in my view.

As further healing for my Fall, yesterday I had surgery to assist in the healing process for the broken Humerus at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill. I had to register at the East Entrance.

I won’t go into all the details but again in hindsight, it seems like an As Above, So Below experience. And what stands out for me was the Extreme Love which came my way. From Jenny and Rebecca and also my ex Claire. And also from the staff of the hospital. It was Extreme Love and it was Free. Thank you so much. And I’m now experiencing Extreme Pain again and there’s nothing I can do but accept it as best I can. And having to accept help which doesn’t always sit well with the Control Freak part of the mind. Your life in their hands.

Post Op.



But away from the Lovey Dovey side of things. For the surgery I was given a General Anaesthetic and then I went off to Never Never Land and I experienced a Lucid Dream. It was as real as anything in this reality. I was in my home town of Reigate and the people and town were totally real. For some reason it was based around Reigate Golf Club.

It’s Windy.



The Windmill is the Church.




What Is Reality ?



And when I came to, it was a state of ‘Where Am I ?’. I had moved to what seemed like a new reality in the hospital and I wondered where the old reality which I had experienced had gone. After about five or ten minutes I readjusted.

But even then the Lucid Dream theme continued. A few weeks ago, Jenny and I watched a Korean movie called Lucid Dream about lucid dreams unsuprisingly. When I was compos mentis, I was moved from the Operating Room to a ward where I lay down on the bed as above and had coffee, biscuits and a ham sandwich. And after about five minutes a Korean male doppelganger nurse from the Lucid Dream movie showed up in this reality to help me. Seemed to be making a point.



The reason for the operation was to put what was described as a ‘Metal Contraption known as The Kit’ in my arm to stabilise the Humerus. And as is my wont, my mind turned to Donnie Darko and shifting realities.

The Artifact. From Wake Up :

“When a Tangent Universe occurs, those living nearest to the Vortex, will find themselves at the epicenter of a dangerous new world.Artifacts provide the first sign that a Tangent Universe has occurred. If an Artifact occurs, the Living will retrieve it with great interest and curiosity. Artifacts are formed from metal, such as an Arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilization, or a Metal Sword from Medieval Europe. Artifacts returned to the Primary Universe are often linked to religious Iconography, as their appearance on Earth seems to defy logical explanation. Divine intervention is deemed the only logical conclusion for the appearance of the Artifact”
– Artifacts as described by The Philosophy Of Time Travel.

Don E and the Spectator.



And 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat.



For what it is worth, my advice is to hold onto your hats in 2020.

Off the scale.


Without EU


Reality Shifts.



The Open Universe.



Farewell to EU. Its a His Storic moment.



Brexit : A New Dawn. The Sun Rises.




Jenny has just returned from cruising around the Gulf of Mexico and there is no escape.

Corona Light and Corona Extra.



Past, Present and Future. It’s always Now.



The Lighthouse. In Reigate.



And Kobe Earthquake.



Exit 24.



Turning Japanese in 2020. The Land of the Rising Son.

Kobe, Japan Earthquake in 1995.




On the road to Galveston.




And Pan. The Shift Hits The Pan and the Coronavirus.

It’s a Paindemic. W.H.O. Are EU / We / Me etc ?



The Shift hits the Pan Handle. His Panic in Miami, Florida.

Grabbing the game by the scruff of its neck.




Maybe a Zulu Dawn.



Boldly Going.



Forbidden Colours.




If I’ve got, you’ve got it.


Cats And Dogs

What’s Black and White and Read all over.

A NEWS paper.




‘It’s all over the front page’.



That Lovin’ Feline.



And Looper.



Which leads into ‘The Hounds of Love’.

‘It’s in the Trees. It’s coming’.





And the Fainting of Betelgeuse. Click



Further down the Crazy River. Meet the Hounds of Love. Below are Jenny’s daughter pet dogs – Tigulus and Ace. Tigulus is the larger of the two dogs. And I believe the likeness between them and Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo from Scooby Doo is no coincidence. And begs the question how could a 50 year old cartoon series ‘predict’ Tigulus and Ace ?

Dog Stars on the Silver Screen. Siriusly.




In Fringe, one version of Olivia Dunham crosses over into the Walternate Universe and in this Universe, Cats the Musical is now Dogs the Musical.



When Two Worlds Collide.

Or Something 🙄.


A Stitch In Time

Welcome to 2020 and 1/1/2020 and to start the new decade, a sync fest. Interpret as you will.

Many of these links may seem to form a random and bizarre web with no rhyme or reason but there does seem to be a point I believe. These in particular for me point to mirror verses, multiple realities, parallel timelines, missing memory and other weird and wonderful concepts. And looking back at my own life many of these ‘theories’ would appear to have physical consequences and has effected whatever is reality, and then your head explodes when faced with the evidence. Or maybe that’s the big point and your mind gets to a point where it just can’t hold onto the old way of seeing reality.

Firstly, a Tale of Two Cities – Paris and London. For Christmas, Jenny was given a portrait of Princess Di. ‘The Queen of Hearts’.



And yesterday The Di-ary and the Paris Agenda 2020 appeared for me.



And in Reigate High St, I noticed the name of a sewing shop in the last few days, I walk past regularly

Diana’s Sewing Shop. A Stitch in Time.



Paris timeline.



And London. All these pics showed up in the last three or four days.



‘A Stitch In Time’ was hinted at a couple of days ago with the appointment of Danielle Outlaw as Philadelphia’s first black police commissioner.

To my eyes she is a doppelganger of actress Cleopatra Coleman.



Cleopatra Coleman was the star of a Time Travel movie titled ‘In The Shadow of the Moon’ set in Philadelphia where she altered Time to avert a race war in the US.



A question was asked how would you know if you changed Time and the answer was you wouldn’t except for a few glitches.

And a few messages in the Program.

Robert E Lee has disappeared from UT which I am now reading as Universal Time.



The real reason for Looper was to travel back in time and avoid a terrible calamity.



On the Beach and the Color Red and Colorado and Atonement.

A day or so ago a large rescue mission was undertaken On The Beach in Mallacoota Victoria, Australia as a fire surrounded the beach.

The sky turned the color red.




Atonement and the rescue mission On The Beach in Dunkirk, France at the beginning of WW2.



On The Beach at the Seven Sisters near Eastbourne, England in the movie.



On The Beach and ‘Nuked’.



And yesterday, this showed up. ‘Get Naked’. And I notice there is only one letter difference between ‘nuked’ and ‘naked’.



Colorado and Color Red.

‘Colorado is of Spanish origin, meaning “colored red.” All State Name Origins. The name was applied to the Colorado river because of the red sandstone soil of the region, and came into use for the entire territory after the discovery of gold in the Pike’s Peak region.’

Mystery Drones over Colorado.



And earlier this week a new house name jumped out at me.

Little Bats. Its more than a little bats.



And when Jenny and myself went to Austin, Tx we travelled over the Ann W Richards Congress Avenue bridge which crosses over the Colorado River. The bridge is famous for the mass of bats that fly over the bridge from March to October.

It’s Batty.



And lastly, Don’t Drink The Cooler Aid.



Too late 🙂 . Happy New Year.


Nothing’s Real But Love


Look familiar.

A new monster storm has formed around the South Pole of Jupiter.




From Syfy.Com :

‘When Juno flew over the planet’s south pole during its fourth perijove (closest approach to Jupiter, not counting the very first one when the spacecraft maneuvered into orbit around the planet) on 2 February, 2017, it saw something unexpected: A cyclone over 5,000 km across right over the pole, surrounded by five other cyclones ranging from 5,600 to 7,000 kilometers across! Not only that, the five cyclones were arranged in a pretty decently regular pentagon.

It’s bizarre. But now things have gotten bizarrer. On its last pass (Perijove 23) on 3 November, 2019, it delivered another big surprise: A sixth cyclone has joined the other five surrounding the pole!’