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Firstly, Happy Birthday to MJ for 15th February.



It gives you Wings.

Angel Wings from Rain in Kazakhstan.



And in Reigate.



And ‘Don’t be Scared’. Thank you Jen. Very kind !

The Duchess of Corn Wall.



And The Wall. In her next article on Blade and Chalice, MJ will be including a pic that speaks of The Wall and Time. I am assuming. And it still amazes me how people thousands of miles away can be thinking independently along similar lines.

Flat Earthers. ‘They’re in the Walls’.

2D Flatliners.



What is the Wall ?

From El Paso, Texas, two mirror political rallies with Trump and Beto O’Rourke. El Paso translates as The Passageway in English.




And from my travels – Walk In.



I keep on being told we have forgotten something.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.





The Who We Are.



The Unforgiven

Press a few buttons and see what happens.

The Unforgiven.

Clint Eastwood and the Wild West.



Governor Ralph Northam from Virginia is ‘Unforgivable’ according to the Precedent.

Down South.




Historical Guilt.

I Wish I Was In Dick Sea Land.



BBC, UK – 1978.

The Black and White Minstrel Show.



And Al Jolson.



And more personally. Historical Guilt and Community Guardians.

It’s a Sin.



On Friday, I had a bit of a mad Francisco day. And part of it was Gone With The Wind.

‘Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn’.

I’ve always wanted to say that but it’s one of those things that occurs to me five minutes after it would have been a good riposte.



This followed from the San Francisco Pop Out Map.






The Universe keeps repeating the same point. A few points actually.

David Bowie and Hermione Frankel.

‘To The Girl With The Mousy Hair’.





It’s the Freakiest Show. He wasn’t joking.


The Black Phoenix


You want a sign ?

Regulars will know that before Merovee Part I burned up, a Golden Phoenix appeared in the tree in my garden.



Anyway this afternoon, a Black Phoenix appeared in the Garden.

The Time Garden.






It’s spooky. It’s black so it must be bad 🙂 . Irony Alert.



FDT Care. Tree Surgery with a Heart.



And The Observers have turned up in force in The White House. The Observers show themselves when something big is going to happen.

Or they are just about to invade.





And an enormous Sun today for me. And a partial solar eclipse for the weekend.




And in Kazakhstan.




2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig. It starts on 5th February.





And The Observer and the Burger.



Be Prepared etc, etc.


The Sun

Thanks to Jen and MJ.

Happy New Year to all. 2018 was a Monster year. Personally, every day had a ‘Let Me Be Frank’ moment. Probably my most used phrase was WTF.

Aside from personal relationships, I think my highlights and lowlights were meeting God, making Contact ( actually I had already made Contact but didn’t know it ) and a Phoenix landing in the garden, and then ‘Merovee Part I’ going up in smoke and then ‘Merovee Part 2’ rising from the Ashes, as I see it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The other main element for me has been the action in the skies. The Tau Star and crazy Suns and everything else

And DNA mysteries. And all the rest of it.

It is not easy. We are being boiled in the pot and enormous spiritual energies have been released and we are having experiences and gaining new understandings way beyond the limited scope of our programming as ‘reality’ is turned inside out. Or maybe more accurately, how we see reality and ourselves is transformed.



We are now in 2019. That’s what 3D says but I’m not sure.

Ringing in the new in London and Oz. Maybe it’s 2018 or 2020.

Sydney yesterday : 2018.



London is Open in 2018. Brexit will be in 2018.



And in Reigate it was 2019 yesterday, so today I’m in 2020.



But the numbers for the year will show 2019.

And the 19 card in the Tarot is The Sun.

The Year of the Sun.



And New Horizons has reached the farthest and most primitive object in the Solar System – Ultima Thule.

‘Ultima is going to a real world’.



And between now and 3/1/19, Chang’E 4 will, if everything goes to plan, land on the Dark Side of the Moon.




And for Jan 2019, we have entered a mirror 911 : 119. It’s an Emergency in the Mirror.

Last night when everyone else was getting drunk, I went on a bit of a mad mind ramble which was given a further jolt, when in the middle of it the death of Ray Sawyer who was the singer with the eyepatch for ‘Dr Hook and the Medicine Show’ was announced. At the age of 81 and the final day of ’18. Maybe.

Here is the mind ramble. I believe it shows the ‘Interconnectedness of all Things’ but also I think ‘Mind rambles’ can open doors within consciousness.

The Mushroom.



Etymology : Mushroom.


‘From Middle English musheron, musseron, from Anglo-Norman, from Old French mousseron, of Germanic origin: Old French mousse (“moss”) (—first applied to a type of fungus which grows in moss), from Low Frankish *mosa (“moss”) or Old Dutch mosa (“moss”), akin to Old High German mos (“moss, bog”), Old High German mios (“moss, mire”), Old English mēos (“moss”), Old English mōs (“bog, marsh”), Old Norse mosi (“moss”), Old Norse myrr (“bog, mire”), from Proto-Germanic *musą, *musô, *miuziz (“mosses, bog”), from Proto-Indo-European *meus- (“mosses, mold, mildew”). Displaced native Old English swamm (“mushroom”). More at mire. Alternatively, the Old French may be of pre-Roman origin.’

Moss grows fat on a Rolling Stone ( Judge Raulston who presided over the Scopes Trial was Jenny’s Uncle ).



Scopes Trial : 2020.




Scopes Trial : The Eye Test.

For Your Eyes Only. The Bond girl.



Roger More ( Roger in British slang means Fxxk ).



And the Bondage girl and Mr and Mrs Bumble. Mrs Bumble can’t get enough. She wants to Roger More.



It’s an Emergency.



Snug Snug rather than Guns Guns.

Lost in Translation. Mirror Mirror. Something along those lines.



The Snuggle Schedule.



I See You. For Your Eyes Only.

Saw You.

Ray Sawyer of Dr Hook and the Medicine Show has died aged 81.



A Little Bit More. And 2020. He wore an eye patch. Saw You .



And Jimmy Osmond and Captain Hook, from yesterday as well.

Jimmy Osmond suffered a stroke whilst playing Captain Hook.



What is the sound of One Hand clapping ?

Twin Peaks.



Understanding the Language.

Swords and Words.



Weapon Opens Time.




Shaken Not Stirred.


The Rules

I hope everyone has had ‘Happy Holidays’.

It’s a been a show stopping Christmas at the Belfry.



And the New Year is upon us. Will it be 2019 or 2020 ?



We did it ! The Sight is ready to share. All the tasks have been completed.



Speaking for myself and feedback from others, everyone is shattered.

Prisoners of the Past.





Or is it Shatnered ? Weird Or What ? WOW !

“Until it reveals what is hidden”.

And Family.



I’m calling it 2019 but I’m not sure. And the first month is a mirror 911 : Jan 19 = 1/19. And 1st Jan is 1/1/19. It’s a mirror Emergency.

A problem that I think some are having is that the old rules don’t seem to apply anymore. ‘Reality’ is not manifesting in the way that according to the old rules, it should. The toys aren’t behaving as expected.

And there is a part of the Mind that likes rules I think. Someone to rule over us and tell us what to do.

But the rules for 2019 : No More Rules.



It’s an Emerging Sea and it’s bordering on Lunacy. Or is it the Lunar Sea ?


Polar Hero Louis Rudd has completed his solo crossing of the Antarctic.



From :

‘Army captain Louis Rudd said last night he was “absolutely elated” to have completed a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica, revealing he had relied on supplies of Dairy Milk bars, Asda’s tropical mix and three biographies of Winston Churchill to see him through.’

Crossing the Channel.





And what comes first – the chicken or the egg. And I mean by that, do our reflections exist in the NEWS at all ? And I would also expand this to include people you meet and greet, and places and buildings. Every Thing really.

‘Net Closes On World’s Most Wanted Woman.’



‘White Widow Brit has new hideout in terror hotbed’!

It’s Snug.



And Adam’s Family. Thanks to Roob.

From ‘The Giver’. The Boundary Of Memory that circles the community. And the community is protected by Community Guardians.



Amy Adams : Arrival.



And Rachel McAdams : The Notebook.



De Meaning of Life.



Creating a society where no one’s left out.



And the problem with Plastics.



Baby, it’s Cold Outside.




We’re all stories in the end.



Make it a good one.


Mr Blue Sky

Mr Blue Sky : Electric Light Orchestra.



I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I had an interesting few days.

And Let Me Be Frank, it’s getting hot, hot, hot in my bed. I’ve got a new electric blanket which I switched on last night for the first time.



Alien 👽.

The Electric Blanket is ‘Snug’ which is ‘Guns’ backwards.

And ‘Arrival’ movie and ‘Lost In Translation’.

‘Weapon Opens Time’.

We Key :

‘The “weapon” is their language, which changes humans’ linear perception of time, allowing them to experience “memories” of things that have yet to happen.’



And yesterday morning, I woke to a WTF moment.




And Mr Blue Sky. It’s Electric Blue.

Transforming. New York City turned blue when a transformer shorted in Astoria.

From New York Post :

‘An explosion at a Con Edison facility in Astoria, Queens, sent a gigantic flash of blue light across the city sky Thursday night, causing power outages and stalling trains.’


Not Alien.






I’m blaming Flower Power. Damned Hippies with their Free Love.

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.



Maria Maples and Tiffany Trump.



Mr Blue Sky.



And Marina and her Diamonds : Blue.




Keep Watching The Skies.


Let Me Be Frank

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

I know what you want !

Let Me Be Frank.



The original Frank Underwood in House of Cards was Francis Urquhart.



Sam and Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey) : Moon.



Donnie Darko.

Frank the Rabbit.




And the West Wing.

Do You Believe ? ‘Santa at Seven. It’s Marginal’.

From :

‘President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump on Christmas Eve took calls from children anxious to find out where Santa was on his gift-giving journey.

In one conversation, Trump asked a 7-year-old named Coleman: “Are you still a believer in Santa?” He listened for a moment before adding: “Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”

Trump listened again and chuckled before saying: “Well, you just enjoy yourself.”




A new home for Peri Peri opening soon I’m told. Fire up the grills.






And a Chilli Heatwave. It’s a Paradox.



Strange place this !