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All Done With Mirrors


It’s a weird place this and it is the freakiest show. The town and city centres are empty and ‘not only but also’ residential homes near me appear to be devoid of people. No movement behind the windows.

No one’s home. Were they there in the first place ?

I’m positive. I see this as the collapse of 3D. FWIW I’m getting this is Phase 1 of three phases in 2020.




All Done With Mirrors.





Not buying into the Illusion.



There is nothing to pay for.


Welcome Home

Since I landed at Dallas – Fort Worth airport in Texas, US in October, I’ve been getting the same message – ‘Welcome Home’.




Amongst the mayhem I’m still getting the same message. I’m seeing this as about God and Love and the nature of reality. And the fear of Death and the fear of God.

Last summer I had a weird day when I walked into town and got the distinct impression that there was no one in the houses. Click ‘The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home‘. Again today, not only were the streets in the town centre empty, as I ventured out it felt like the houses I walked past were totally devoid of people as well. At times it feels very similar to the character in’ 28 Days Later’ who wakes up in a hospital from a coma and finds London totally deserted.






Well We’re The Band.

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes : Wake Up Everybody.




So what’s really happening ? One of my theories is that as we heal from the fracture of our various falls and are rewired, the background people or mirrors and projections or 2D Flat Earthers simply disappear. And maybe it was the same Fall. Or maybe once the All Clear has been given, everyone will suddenly reappear. We’ll find out in time.

Inside Out pain tears.



And ‘We’re About To Find Out Why’. It looks like Anti Matter is here.



Clean, clean, clean. It’s Dirty.

Sanitising the Tube.



And what is the real National Health Service ?

Last night at 8pm,the nation was asked to give the Clap to the carers of the National Health Service in the UK. #Clap For Our Carers.





Which goes back to the 2012 London Olympics.




And Good Sense Of Humerus.



One of my frustrations over the last few years is that even though there has been obvious activity, no true reality collapse was happening. Waking up every day and the same old, same old. Well I think it’s here.

This Is For Everyone.



All Are Welcome.

The Universe is still squawking away at me even though no one is in the shops.

Pull A Switcheroo.

‘Last One Out Turn The Lights Off’.



And I’ve been reminded me of this from A Course in Miracles.

How Will The World End ? It says in an Ill Usion.

‘Can what has no beginning really end? The world will end in an illusion, as it began. Yet will its ending be an illusion of mercy. The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin and ending guilt forever. So ends the world that guilt had made, for now it has no purpose and is gone’.

From Grimes.



Welcome To Reality.


The Freakiest Show

It’s the Freakiest Show.



Welcome to the Freak End.



And in Breaking News earlier 🙄.

Prince Charles has got it. Into the Crown.



And Greta’s got it.



Everyone Has Gone To The Moon.

From a trip into town.






And Keep Your Distance.



And out of a clear blue sky. With No Fly the skies are totally blue which is very rare for this part of the world. I remember the same effect with the No Fly volcano in Iceland and in which period ‘Weird Or What’ was commissioned.



But there was one plane still flying.



On Monday I went to my initial physio appointment and another follow up appointment with the Fractures Clinic with regards to my fractured Humerus. I’m told it’s all going to plan and I’m on the right track was the phrase used. And again thank you. It is healing from a Super Healing Centre.

But what seemed strange was that both with the Physio and the Doctor, I was not asked to keep my distance. Sit down next to me. And another picture of the X Ray of the healing Humerus which in its own way is peculiarly fascinating.




I think it’s ‘Going Going Gone’ and all this looks terminal to me and I don’t think it’s coming back either. ‘Uncharted Territory’ has got nothing on this.

Back in about 2011, I wrote an article titled ‘911 Never Happened’ on the old Merovee. Ditto.

The Doom Bar.



To The Last Drop.


Daisy Daisy

Trinity’s birthday is on 22nd March. If she pops in. Happy Birthday Trinity 🎂.

F.E.A.R. The Apocalypse is what happens whilst you are making other plans.

False Experience Appearing Real.

Forgive Everybody And Remember.



School’s Out.

The 52nd State – the State of Collapse.



Daisy Daisy.

Do You Mind ?




Where The Streets Have No Name.







God Is Love Not Fear.


And The Banned Played On

Whom R US ? Apols about this !

From ‘The Last Waltz’ : The Band.



It’s Inside Out Pain Tears. Ha Ha said the clown.



Whom R Us ?

Well We’re The Band.

A new restaurant has opened in Reigate called Lebnani. It’s Beirut Soul Food.

And the Banned Played On. Glug Glug.




And at Reigate Methodist Church on the 8th March, the service was conducted by Rev Jennifer Potter. And Messy Church in the afternoon.




In Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley eventually becomes Ginny Potter.



Whom R Us at the core ?

I keep coming back to ‘I Am Your Mother, Your Daughter And Your Sister’.



That’s the way God planned it.


Indeed I Do

A few unashamed messages from the Army of Franks.

Do I Love You ? Indeed I Do.



Big Time.



Pour Out Your Heart And Watch It Bloom.



It’s Blooming Time.

The 1000 petal lotus tree. The pics don’t do it justice. It is beauty from an insane core of beauty.



And this town is coming like a Ghost Town.



Pope Francis has walked through the deserted streets of Rome to pray for an end to Coronavirus and given a blessing to an empty St. Peter’s Square.

Free to Rome.




There’s a Ghost in the House.

The past and guilt.



From ‘The Light Between Oceans’ :

Frank Roennfeldt:

‘You only have to forgive once. To resent, you have to do it all day, every day, all the time. You have to keep remembering the bad things. It’s too much work.’



Collapsing the Dream.



Love is Free. Not Freeish.




i love you so much.