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In The Styx

Between Heaven and Hell. Or somewhere.

In The Sticks.



In the Styx.



Time out of joint.



And a birthday card.



And on the balcony outside my door.



Princess Programming.



And maybe more subtle than just straight forward Princess Programmming for young girls. I’m beginning to feel a bit like Colombo or Sherlock Holmes following the clues and arrows. Probably Inspector Clouseau is more appropriate.



The Doppler Effect.



The power of little acts of kindness and ripples.

Just passing it on.



And 100,000 Angels and protection. Over the last couple of months I’ve been collecting angel feathers. Think I’ve got the message.



I would imagine her bite is worse than her bark.

The Doggess .




She wants us home.


Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday and another turn on the wheel. It’s annual. For whatever reason the Birth Day seems integral to consciousness. I’ve lost count of the number of events that seem connected with different people’s birthdays.

Happy Birthday To Me. And just playing – Happy Birthday Me Too.

And Katy Perry has suddenly appeared out of the ether again as she does from time to time.



On Friday, doing my grocery shopping I got into a conversation with an assistant about ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ which was mentioned three times.



And when I got home my eyes were drawn to this heart on a curtain pole which was waiting for me when I moved into my new apartment.

Thinking Of You.




Dark Horse.




And Alien has been bubbling away for god knows how long.




And there’s a few more but I’ll leave it there.

It’s getting harem scarem out there. ‘No Jab. No Job’. Personally I’m happy with either scenario and even though it’s not pleasant having to deal with this stuff I think it shows the mind set which has always been there under the surface and also I detect a big sense of desperation with it. Just purely from a medical POV, I’ve been hearing horror stories with the innoculation. As I’ve said I’ve had personal experience of how deeply unpleasant it can get under the surface. Gross to the max isn’t even close.



And the memes they are a changing . It’s not so much ‘Follow the Money’ now but it’s ‘Follow The Bitcoin’. Whatever Bit Coin Block Chain thingie is. I don’t understand physical money anyway even after working for a bank and got no hope with bitcoin. I would like to show the Darkest Dark pic here which set a ball rolling but have no intention of Merovee being suspended for a second time if I can avoid it and space programming and the space suit is also connected. The waters are murky and not sure exactly what is going on with it but the connection is there.




Dreamstate Logic.



You would have thought that the older you get you would understand things better with the wisdom of Job but actually it’s been the exact reverse and much of what passes for reality now seems totally alien and baffling and incomprehensible especially money and work.

In reality there is only one currency. IMO.



All There Is.


Running Up That Hill

Firstly thanks to Roob for lots of triggers. Wonderful. Thank you. 💙

I’ve been taking a very personal journey recently with a wonderful set of companions into the Darkness which is perverse when things seem to be going mad out there. I think we all are. Actually I have very little idea what’s going on in the media and rely on the snippets that sneak through.

When you begin to realise how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And hindsight is a wonderful thing. From the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony on the Green Witch Prime Meridian.

Battery Farming.






I’m beginning to understand why the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is called the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A few months MJ asked a question ‘Where Are We’ ? This has become a very pertinent question over the last few months. The feeling you are half here and half somewhere else.

When something is plugged into you.



And Data Selves. Who is the real Pope Francis ?



And battery farming. Over the last few days I’ve been drawn to Eva Cassidy YT videos. Eva Cassidy supposedly sung a lot of cover songs written by others. Maybe she wrote them.



Nothing unreal exists.


Under The Surface

Much of this article may seem mad even by Merovee standards and I wish it was purely a case of a feverish imagination and I do question myself but I don’t think so. Your worst existentialist nightmare come true and in that lies comfort but I think it’s something along these lines.

And thanks to Roob for the latest trigger – Fink About It.



Recently I’ve been taking a trip into Deep Water. I don’t know how much others are involved or the whole scope of how it works but I know others have had similar glitches or memories. In short ‘Following Dotty’ much of my life would seem to have been a lie. I think the ‘reality programme’ started to unravel in about 1993.

‘There must be hundreds of people out there at the moment … Right … ? WRONG !’



I have written about two schools where I have unpleasant memories and I would also add my elementary school as well. In short I believe none of these schools truly existed. They were reality constructs created purely for me and maybe even by me. They didn’t exist and don’t exist and none of the children or school or teachers were real. You may travel to see them and your five senses will say they are real but they’re not.

I have ‘bad’ memories from these schools but I would take it even further and say these memories are overlap memory of a real memory. I have memory of being underground at a military base referred to as Central Govt War HQ by Wikipedia. In the base I am involved with some sort of psychic program but it gets worse.

Another memory and I’m not talking symbolically but having some sort of physical reality. Basically the Machine is plugged into me and I believe the reality was created from this. This gif from Dr Who Bad Wolf and Peter Bishop in Fringe may gave you an idea of what I’m talking about. And at a very young age. One of my questions is whether I’m still there and the machine is still plugged in.



Peter the Bishop.



I would also suggest the Texas Super Super Collider is a front as well. And other Under The Surface bases as well which connect in a weird psychic way down the neural pathways.



It’s All About You and Black Mirrors and the Hall Of Mirrors. In Reigate Priory Park. Again I would suggest it is aimed at me.



Which feeds into Roob’s article. In the article she mentions Larry Fink and Following Dotty, Larry Fink is the CEO of an investment company called Black Rock. Click Black

And Black Mirror. Here is a pic of the Black Rock HQ.



And Black Rock Sands. I didn’t actually know this when I visited Black Rock sands when I visited the beach when I was on holiday in North Wales but it was the site of the beach in The Prisoner TV series. Click Black Rock Sands.




Down in the cells. I’ve recently talked about murals at Corsham and at Montauk and also with lightning hitting the George Floyd mural.

The Darkest Dark.





Again don’t ask me about the science but the name seems to speak – Mural Cells and down the Neural Pathways of the Mind.

From Science :

‘Mural cells, which include vascular smooth muscle cells and pericytes, surround the endothelial cell layer of cerebral blood vessels from the resistance arteries and draining veins at the brain surface, to penetrating arterioles and ascending venules, to the terminal capillary beds where the majority of nutrient exchange occurs (Armulik et al., 2011). Vascular smooth muscle cells surround arteries and arterials, providing contractile force to produce vasodilation and vasoconstriction, regulating cerebrovascular resistance and blood flow to the downstream capillary beds (Hill et al., 2015).’



I realise much of this may seem bonkers but it seems the truth is very far out there. Just look at what seems to happening ‘Out There’. The war is on your mind and in the mind.

Sweet Dreams.


The Times They Are A Changin


Welcome to Leo. I think it could be an interesting month but it seems whatever the star sign every day is an adventure.





And Siriusly Doggie Days.



On the Magic Carpet. It’s premium bananas.



The Times and Timelines they are a changing.

Today is the official opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021.



United By Felines.



And it’s 24/7 tomorrow and the time tables are a changin’.





The reality is that it is for eternity. That’s the way God planned it.


The Summer Of 69

I sense this article is going to be a bit of a curate’s egg. And probably won’t make a lot of sense apart from knowing that somewhere down the line it’s all connected and we are deeply connected to whatever exactly is going on and has gone on.

Firstly weird pic of the day.

Walking the Wall.



And Giants and the Roman / Romulan / Nazi / Martian / Martial Empire never ended.

Sentius Tectonicus at Wallsend.



‘The Nephilim (/ˈnɛfɪˌlɪm/; Hebrew: נְפִילִים‎) are mysterious beings or people mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. They are large and strong; the word Nephilim is loosely translated as giants in some Bibles but left untranslated in others. Some traditional Jewish explanations interpret them as fallen angels. The main reference to them is in Genesis, but the passage is ambiguous and the identity of the Nephilim is disputed.

According to Numbers 13:33, they later inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan.

A similar or identical biblical Hebrew term, read as “Nephilim” by some scholars, or as the word “fallen” by others, appears in Ezekiel 32:27’


Here I am as a page boy at my cousin’s wedding probably in about 1965. Jiggery pokery. When you realise things are seriously wrong. I knew that anyway but more confirmation.




And the Summer of 69 appears very important in keeping the 3D reality going. A fixed point in time maybe as Dr Who would say.



The Bryan Adams High School in Dallas, Tx holds a mystery. A school called Lake Park which was adjacent to Bryan Adams High School has completely disappeared from history apart from in the memory of a few people which is very odd in these Friends Reunited social media days.



The Summer of 69 revolved around the Moon Landing and also the Manson murders and following dotty they are very connected it would seem and takes in Ritual Abuse, Scientology and Time and mind control and murder and alternate realities and god knows what else.

People in Hollywood seem to know. Over the weekend Frankie and Jenny went to Hollywood and we watched ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollyood’ which was centred on the Manson murders but gives an alternate version of history. And normal weird stuff.



And Mr Kubrick. The Shining is saying something. Much has been made of the connection with the Moon Landing and whether or not Stanley Kubrick directed a fake moon landing.



I’m not too sure whether anyone else has picked up on this but it also seems connected with Manson via Joel Pugh who was an ex boyfriend of Sandra Good who was one of Manson’s flower girls.

Joel Pugh was found dead at the Talgarth Hotel in Kensington London on 1st December 1969. The inquest decided ‘Suicide – case closed’ but there have always been doubts.




Why does this link with The Shining and Kubrick ?



From Joelpughcharlesmanson :

‘In spite of his enforced isolation, Joel would always keep his door unlocked and would wile away the hours playing guitar and reading. His most consistent visitor during those days was the seven-year-old son of the manager, who’d occasionally pop by. The young boy evidently enjoyed Joel’s company, especially as Joel shared his beloved comic book stories with him. He also showed the little boy backwards writing; a process that Joel himself found fascinating. Much to the child’s delight, Joel would reflect whatever was written in the mirror to make it legible, scribbling jokes and fragments of nursery rhymes. Meanwhile, his fascination with comic books would start to overwhelm Joel, and alone for so many hours of the day, he felt that he was being sucked into their fantastical tales.’



Room 237.



Recently I have written about my memories of being involved in some sort of MK Ultra mind control psychic ability programme in a British military underground base in Corsham Wilts dubbed ‘England’s Area 51’. Click Hidden Things.

And in the USA, there is Montauk. I won’t go over the Montauk allegations again but here is a link if you don’t know the story.

From The Sun :

‘And then ultimately they decided that people with certain genetics, people with certain backgrounds were conducive to the more advanced experiments and that’s when I was taken in.

“With all of these children their memories were wiped, their genetics were altered and they couldn’t always remember what happened. It would be in the form of nightmares or flashbacks.’


As per normal, these allegations have been debunked but one of the things that hasn’t been explained is The Acid Room at Montauk.





The Acid Room murals seems very similar to murals at Corsham. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose would be but some sort of mind programming I would think. Click Inexpensive Progress.



And Montauk comes back to The Shining and Stanley Kubrick. In the movie a big point was made that the Overlook Hotel was built over Native American land.

The Montaukett are a Lost Tribe and the Montauk base was built on their land.

From Wiki :

‘The Montaukett, (“Metoac”]) or Montauk native american people are an Algonquian-speaking Native American culture from the eastern end of Long Island, New York. Historically, they are related in language and ethnicity to the Pequot and Narragansett peoples who live across Long Island Sound in what is now Connecticut and Rhode Island, and they were initially speakers of the “N” dialect of Algonquin language until about 1600 when they moved to the “Y” dialect. Relics and ruins of their settlements are visible at Theodore Roosevelt County Park, on the edge of the village of Montauk, New York. While descendants of this tribe still live among the neighboring tribes in the region, the Montaukett are not a New York State recognized tribe yet (though efforts towards recognition are being made).’



From the Mammoth Book Of Cover Ups :

‘Strangely enough it is other less direct occurrences which unsettle the obvious dismissal of the myth of Montauk. TWA Flight 800, SwissAir 111 and Egyptair 990 all crashed inexplicably in the sea of Montauk Point. It is also close to the scene of the light airplane crash that killed John f Kennedy Jr, his wife and a friend.

The real owners of the site, the Montauk tribe deemed to be extinct by the US government even though they have campaigned for their land to be returned to them believe the place is sacred and hold a tribal memory of a stone pyramid that once existed there’.



We’ve been down in the cells but the doors are opening I believe.



Digging deep.


The Ties That Bind

At one level I think it is just a movie. It is a Program Me but someone is very keen to keep it running. In the UK, we have a long running TV show called ‘Casualty’ about staff and patients at Holby City hospital. Occasionally I’ve wondered when will the BBC axe Casualty ? I haven’t watched in years but I remember each episode seemed to be a repeat of the previous episode. There seems to be something to the thought.




The Ties That Bind.



The Work Programme.




The Children’s Programme.



The Money Programme and the Dark City.



Paying for it and the pain for it.



The Space Programme.

These jackboots are made for walking. Naza and Nazis on the Moon.




The Sports Programme.

The 1966 World Cup and 4-2.





The Health Programme.



Etc, etc.



And Break On Through.




Well We’re The Band. Still trying to work that one out 🤔 .


The Band


On 24/7 Time is a Changing. We’ll see in time how that plays out.



The Universe speaks in strange ways at times.

The tracks of your years.



The Sweat Band.



Sweaty Betty.



Well We’re the Band.



In the Garden.



And Worm Charming.



Where are we ? I think we are always at ‘Home With God’ but within the illusion this is not how it is experienced. Personally lots of thing have come up over the last few weeks and the conclusion is that a lot of trouble went in to keeping me going down a line that suited the agenda and I’m sure others as well. It’s not pretty. And in the bigger picture the whole world whatever the whole world is.

Plugged in.





And The Money Programme and currency and energy flows and cash cows. Economists talk about the trickle down effect. It’s bollocks. The system is designed to trickle up not down.



I believe we are unplugging and detaching at the moment.



I think we are all feeling it.

Homeward Bound.


Look Familiar

Looks Familiar. Why do some people when you meet them or see a pic for the first time seem familiar ? I can’t quite place you.



All Done With Mirrors.



The mirrors on the moon.



‘Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moondust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 mirrors pointing at Earth: the “lunar laser ranging retroreflector array.” Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put it there on July 21, 1969, about an hour before the end of their final moonwalk.’


‘If you don’t look, does classical reality actually exist ?’.




The 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021 is going ahead without any spectators.



And the Darkest Dark. Shining a light. I’m not talking about colour and race as such but that maybe in there. The view from my kitchen window last night. At some level it maybe a reflection but tell that to a hungry crocodile in front of you. Until it’s been sorted better safe than sorry.




Stranger Things and the Upside Down.



From Horsham. Seems such a nice town but underneath the surface. Click Sarah Payne’s Painting.



To Corsham. It’s labyrinthine. In short I’m talking about manipulation and programing of reality and mind control.




From Corsham – A Cold War Secret :

‘The underworld of Corsham has for decades remained secret to all but the chosen few; the reasons for this have changed through history as the facility has developed to new and highly classified uses. The vast labyrinth of interconnecting quarries and tunnels began life in the 1840s, and grew as the demand for the fine Bath Stone expanded.

The primary purpose of the Central Government War Headquarters was to direct the survival and restoration phases following the commencement of a nuclear attack on the UK. The vast bunker’s role was not static but adapted to the changing political environment of the Cold War, and the development of policies in response to the threat of nuclear attack. From here the Prime Minister and a nucleus of officials would have made the ultimate decision such as whether to authorise nuclear retaliation. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the superpowers came closet to nuclear conflict, the facility stood ready. During the Korean War, the Berlin airlift, and throughout the Cold War, the Central Government War Headquarters was stocked, upgraded and improved, ready for the worst.

Completed in 1961 and fully operational for some 30 years, it had the capability to survive independently from the outside world for 30 days. The bunker was designed to accommodate the Prime Minister and a nucleus of Ministers and Senior Officials as well as 4,000 staff. The striking feature of the bunker is the immense planning involved in its construction, illustrating the intensity of the political stand-off at this time. The facility is also remarkably basic, with none of the comforts of Whitehall.’


And Angel Feathers keep turning up.



There probably are 100,000 Angels.



And Angles.